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    Walter Reed, D.C Timeline

    My timeline thus far: Inital PEBLO Counseling: 29 March MEB Physician Appt: 30 March Physical Completed: 30 March Narrsum completed and turned into PEBLO: 20 April MEB Approval Signatures: 22 April Packet sent to PEB in DC: 29 April Packet accepted to DC: 29 April Results returned to PEBLO: 27...
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    U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency

    The Following is a link to the contact information for all PEB Agencies to include Ft. Lewis, Sam Houston, D.C and More.. Hope this helps anyone who is looking to contact their perspective agencies.
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    I think something is wrong....

    My MEB was forwarded to the PEB in DC on the 29th of april and recieved the same day. It has been 84 days since it was sent and I still dont have my results. Can anyone inform me as to why?
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