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    Med Sep from USMC, When will I receive my severance?

    As the title indicates, I am getting medically separated from the Marine Corps. I start my terminal on 25 March. When will I receive my severance? Thanks in advance!
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    Signed my findings on 1 Feb. How long will MMSR-4 take?

    Good morning, I received and signed my findings last Friday, 1 February. I was told by my battalion's adj that my PEBLO will send everything to MMSR-4. Awesome. Now what? What is the timeline as far as HQMC generating me a new EAS? Also, I have 42 leave days on the books. Will the Marines...
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    UPDATE: Received findings back on Monday

    This is an update to my previous post found here. TL;DR: I was put on a MEDBOARD by my orthopedic surgeon on 11 July, 2018 after a failed labral repair surgery of my right hip. I received my finding back from the VA and PEB on Monday 28 January. I was found unfit for duty. The DoD is...
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    Original claim is still 'Pending Decision Approval', new claim is 'Complete'

    My surgeon initiated my MedBoard on 11 July, 2018. My original claim from 11 July, 2018 had an estimated completion date of 7 July, 2019 on eBenefits. However, on 31 December that date changed to 16 May, 2019. Now, I looked yesterday and saw that I had a historical claim which I had never...
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