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    Can anyone tell me how long I should anticipate a VA ratings reconsideration to take. I will be accepting my corrected IPEB results (assuming they're actually correct) and submitting an appeal through the RAMP process due to some new/updated medical info. Should I still anticipate a 1-2 month...
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    Appealing the Navy/Marine Corps Formal PEB decision. -Timeline?

    Received the decision from my appeal to the Formal PEB today. They not only didn't give me the bilateral upper radiculopathy associated with the cervical DDD that the IPEB found unfitting (but didn't include) or the bilateral lower radiculopathy for my lumbar spondylosis... instead they now say...
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    Appealing rating question

    The VA mailed out my PEB rating decision this past week. I have yet to receive them, but have a good idea of what the overall rating is (90%). However, I don't know what the DOD rating for the unfitting conditions is, although I think I'll easily make >30% required to medical retirement. I'm in...
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    Applying to receive CDRP when I would have hit 20 years?

    I'm going through the PEB process now, currently my package is at the VA rating office but I anticipate a medical retirement recommendation. I have 12 years of service. I understand that eligibility for CDRP is only for personnel who've reached 20 years of service. I don't remember where I read...
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