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  1. jjthiv76

    Post DES Comp & Pen payment

    I'm curious if this has happened to anybody else.... I was medically retired (TDRL) on Sept 27, 2011 based on my IDES ratings (100%). I was under the assumption that I would get my first VA compensation payment on Nov 1, 2011. Well, it's now Dec 6 and I haven't seen a dime. On Nov 4, the...
  2. jjthiv76

    PDRL vs TDRL

    This is a question that maybe a regular member can answer, or maybe it's something that Jason can advise me on.... I've got three conditions for which I was found "Unfit" for: PTSD, Major Depression-Moderate/Recurrent, and Migraines. Not sure how they plan to rate both psych conditions...
  3. jjthiv76

    Fort Drum WTU MEB / Walter Reed NARMC PEB

    **************UPDATED 9 JUN 2011******************************************** Hey folks... I meant to do this a while back but forgot. I am a USAR AGR Soldier, SFC w/ 11.5 years of total service, 8 years of active duty (3 years active component, 3 years deployed, 2 as an AGR). I PCSd to the...
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