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  1. nlaw37

    Latest news on Nidal Hasan....

    I have been trying to keep in the loop of Nidal Hasan...the shooter at Fort Hood on 5 Nov 2009. Here's the latest I have found in case anyone cared to follow. Wish we would hear more. Nick
  2. nlaw37

    What to do?

    This is for a friend of a friends-his name is Mark. Mark retired from the PA National Guard (PANG) a couple years ago. I know he did some time active, serving in the Gulf War, and also in Iraq. While preparing for deployment at Fort Dix, Mark was receiving the "shots" during his pre-deployment...
  3. nlaw37

    Received Results Rather Fast...I think!

    So-to all who follow this site: About two weeks ago I received my results from the VA side of things. To recap-I only received 10% severance pay from the Army for my back injuries. The fortunate thing is-the Army did not (EVER) diagnose my injuries correctly and "missed" multiple ailments in my...
  4. nlaw37

    Bad Care/Good Care

    US ARMY clinics/hospitals - BAD CARE VA Outpatient Clinic/Medical Center - GOOD CARE I must apologize to a lot on here since I have not been on in awhile. I actually missed it but plan to be on for some encouragement and help out again. To those who do not know me I was medically separated from...
  5. nlaw37

    Political Action

    So, most of us on here have had issues with the DES system. I had this come onto my Facebook Page, and decided to share it. I have not seen it anywhere else on this site, so hopefully some people check it out. I know I wouldn't mind being able to help out as a politician; gotta get that degree...
  6. nlaw37

    Burn Pits

    I do not know if anyone has posted anything about this recently but I have the DAV (Disabled American Vets) on my facebook page and saw this come up. This is especially for those who have been around the burn pits, etc. So check these links out if you want, some good stuff: Stand Up For...
  7. nlaw37

    Part 2 Physical Suggestions

    So on Wednesday I have my part 2 physical. I am still in the "pre-MEB" at Fort Hood, and went to see the doctor yesterday. He told me that it was a definite that I am getting out since I am dealing with severe and chronic pain. At least he felt pretty sure about it. Now like I have stated...
  8. nlaw37

    SI Dysfunction

    I was diagnosed a year ago with a severe SI Dysfunction. This does not show up on anything, some doctors say. Others say I am fine. Has anyone else been told they have this? And if so, what are treatment plans (provided by the Army). I am starting the MEB process under chronic LBP. I am...
  9. nlaw37

    What to expect?

    Hello to all, I am just starting the "pre-MEB" process. I have been dealing with chronic lower back pain along with pain running down both legs. The pain is a very horrid aching pain that makes me feel crippled. The pain has been going on for over a year now, starting in Basic Training. At...
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