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  1. jjthiv76

    DoD Financial Management Regulation 7B: “MILITARY PAY POLICY AND PROCEDURES - RETIRED PAY”

    Quick question for you... I've exhausted a lot of looking and haven't found a concrete answer. I went through an Army MEB in 2010/2011 and was medically retired for PTSD (100%) and migraines (50%). In the last 6 years, I've made significant improvements with managing both conditions and...
  2. jjthiv76

    "My real passion is my hobby... I work with retards." -Pat Healy (from the movie 'There's...

    "My real passion is my hobby... I work with retards." -Pat Healy (from the movie 'There's Something About Mary'
  3. jjthiv76


    I was wondering if you would be able to send me the CRSC calculator. It would be greatly appreciated. [email protected] -Jeff Edited by moderator, 6 June 2019 This post was in 2013; the calculator mentioned is no longer available per anecdotal evidence. RG
  4. jjthiv76

    Thanks. I've forwarded your info on to him. I do want to thank you again for your service to...

    Thanks. I've forwarded your info on to him. I do want to thank you again for your service to us "broken" folks. I can't say how much I've learned and appreciate this site.
  5. jjthiv76

    I know it's not your bag, but I was approached with a question. My cousin is looking for...

    I know it's not your bag, but I was approached with a question. My cousin is looking for advice/counsel to get his discharge from the AF upgraded. You've provided me with such a great service through my MEB/PEB, I was wondering if this is in your scope or if your know of a good attorney that...
  6. jjthiv76

    Post DES Comp & Pen payment

    I'm curious if this has happened to anybody else.... I was medically retired (TDRL) on Sept 27, 2011 based on my IDES ratings (100%). I was under the assumption that I would get my first VA compensation payment on Nov 1, 2011. Well, it's now Dec 6 and I haven't seen a dime. On Nov 4, the...
  7. jjthiv76

    Fort Drum WTU MEB / Walter Reed NARMC PEB

    An added note: I was called yesterday and have to report to Fort Drum next week to get my retirement orders and sign my DD 214. The light at the end of the tunnel approaches..... -Jeff
  8. jjthiv76

    Remote Care MEB/College Option

    I can tell you that it IS possible. I have completed a great deal of my MEB/PEB as a USAR AGR Soldier assigned to the Fort Drum WTU, but with duty at my home in Maine. As a remote care Soldier, I have to have a duty location (local recruiting stations are usually pretty willing to have an...
  9. jjthiv76

    Fort Drum WTU MEB / Walter Reed NARMC PEB

    Thanks, Jason. I can't tell you how much this site has helped to guide me. I may not have been the most active guy in the blogs/forums, but I've trolled around enough to learn. With all of the information out there, it can be tough to decipher what is real and what is bull. I've always...
  10. jjthiv76

    Fort Drum WTU MEB / Walter Reed NARMC PEB

    Awwwwww yeeeeaaahhhhhh..... Got my DA 199 on Thursday afternoon. October 4, 2010 - Notified of MEB October 12, 2010 - Labs drawn for MEB October 19, 2010 - Meet w/ MEB doctor, start of NARSUM, and basic Army physical exam October 28, 2010 - Initial meeting w/ PEBLO November 11, 2010 - VA...
  11. jjthiv76

    Walter Reed, D.C Timeline

    I'd like to think that I didn't lump too much in with my case. I only had 3 unfitting conditions and 3 other conditions, all were related to each other. I started the process at the same time as a buddy that had 32 issues, 14 were unfitting conditions. His came back sooner than mine. I...
  12. jjthiv76

    Walter Reed, D.C Timeline

    OK.... I'm happy for you, but I'm kinda pissed at the same time. If you look at MY timeline, you'd understand why. My stuff was transmitted & accepted at the Walter Reed PEB on March 4. I was told yesterday that Fort Drum would have my DA 199 next week. Needless to say, things have gone at a...
  13. jjthiv76

    I think something is wrong....

    My PEB (at Walter Reed/DC) took 94 days or so, just to be told I was unfit. On June 9 I was told by my PEBLO that they were hearing back from the VA/PEB in 10-14 days for 199's. Needless to say, it's been 40 days since then and I still don't have my 199. The VA called me 2 weeks ago and told...
  14. jjthiv76

    Bipolar Question for MEB rating

    Cancer sucks. Sorry dude. As far as the bipolar issue goes, it all depends on your level of functionality (as with most conditions). You can find a link to the VASRD somewhere within this forum. I'm just too dumb/lazy to figure out how to link it to my response. You can also Google "VA...
  15. jjthiv76

    Chapter/MEB, NEED HELP!

    And teach your command how to "Google", or to read the Army Times for that matter. It's this wonderful tool that I guarantee they have on their government use computers, as well as their Blackberries.
  16. jjthiv76

    Chapter/MEB, NEED HELP!

    DOD Instruction for Disability Review Board - Topic You can't miss the link. It's the first one in the thread.
  17. jjthiv76

    Chapter/MEB, NEED HELP!

    First off, what you're going through sucks. I'm guessing you're a younger guy, and that's likely why your 1SG scoffed at the idea of an MEB. The temp profile that you were given should have the box on it checked "Needs MEB". I understand that it's only a temp. profile, but that's how they...
  18. jjthiv76

    Fort Drum WTU MEB / Walter Reed NARMC PEB

    ****** Another Update ******* I was contacted by the Baltimore VA and asked if I had any additional documents to add to my file. Since I didn't, the young lady said that my file was going to be rated this week and that I would have a letter from the VA by next week. For some reason, I believe...
  19. jjthiv76

    To MEB or Not to MEB

    Dude... We've got some very similar stuff going on. After my 3rd deployment I was sent to recruiting duty with PTSD & mTBI. I struggled through my first year before I threw my hands in the air because I couldn't play the game anymore. I had threatened my 1SG's life (& was serious about it)...
  20. jjthiv76

    Being processed for elimination, and just received P3 profile.

    Good day, sir. Normally, a P3 profile automatically starts an MEB. Check your profile... did the provider check the box that says that an MEB is needed? If so, you're in for the ride of your life. If he/she didn't, just flat out ask. Depending on your time in service (especially if you're...
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