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    Not sure what to do next

    Hi Rob :) I was medically seperated from the Air Force for Bipolar I disorder in May of this year. Every case is different and as from what I researched on here it has a lot to do with how stable your condition is (including what medications/dosages you are on) if you have been hospitilized...
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    Social Security!

    Hi all, It's been a few weeks since I have been able to get online, I went home on leave, got engaged then got unengaged and broke up with my boyfriend all together, so my depression has been pretty severe.... anyhow amazingly with social security I filed my claim in March as soon as I...
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    Seperation Paycheck Question

    Thank you very much, that's what I thought because I will be on Active Duty still until the 24th. Thanks again I appreciate the clarification. :)
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    Seperation Paycheck Question

    Vanessa, Thank you for informing me of this. TAPS is only once a month here and i had to do a pre-seperation briefing first, also only held once a month. So my TAPS is in April. Thanks again!
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    Seperation Paycheck Question

    Thank you both for your quick responses. Rob I filed my VA Claim this week and since I still have 60 days left Active Duty they put it in the accelerated program so I will have my appointments with them in the next 3 weeks and then will await a decision. I'm glad I had this forum for people...
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    Seperation Paycheck Question

    Hi all, Just a question for anyone who might know. Peblo is clueless as usual. My seperation date is May 24th but I am going Permissive TDY from May 5th until May 24th. My question is will I still get paid June 1st since I will be technically still in the Air Force until May 24th? Also My TDRL...
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    IPEB. How long does this take??

    herring, I am Air Force stationed at Pope AFB, it took 4 months and 2 weeks from the date my package was sent to the IPEB in Texas. I know it's not comfoting information but think of it as time to prepare for your future. As already stated although patience isn't easy it's worth waiting and...
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    How long for seperation orders?

    Got my seperation orders today, one week and one day after signing acceptance to the IPEB. :)
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    Got "unofficial" VA results! (Bipolar Disorder)

    MLS, Congrats, that is wonderful news! I just went for my VA claim appoitment today since I finally got my seperation orders. They said my exam will be in the next 3-5 weeks since I have 60 days till my seperation date. It's some sort of expedited process for MEB'd people. So I can hopefully...
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    How long for seperation orders?

    Hey all, Talked to my action officer at AFPC (unbelievable!) and he said they recieved my acceptance on Thursday (I signed it on Tuesday) and that they should have my orders by this Friday so 1 week and 1 day if all goes smoothly. I am waiting on them so I can start my VA claim as well as file...
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    What happens now? (put on TDRL)

    thanks dubber! still no word?
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    What happens now? (put on TDRL)

    MLS, Thanks for the info and updates, how is retirement going for you so far? I am considering going to college in the fall when i get home but not sure if i can manage it. I want to start my claim for the VA but they said i need my seperation orders first, how long after agreeing to the...
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    How long for seperation orders?

    I accepted the finding from my IPEB-30% TDRL for bipolar disorder. My question is how long does it usually take for seperation orders? The VA said they couldn't start my claim until I had them. Thanks a bunch!
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    19 weeks later IPEB results!!!!

    Rob and RiverChicky, Thank you it feels so good to be done with this part of it all. I am going to file my VA claim I am still waiting on a copy of my medical and mh records even though I requested them over a month ago. As far as social security I have no clue how to start that process...
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    What happens now? (put on TDRL)

    MLS, I couldn't find this post and not sure if you can either lol but I was given my results today 30% TDRL (finally after 4 + months at the IPEB) and was wondering whatever happened with you and the VA. Also when you have your re-eval let me know how that goes. Good Luck to you!
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    Advice Needed: IPEB Fit For Duty (Bipolar Disorder)

    Servicemember, Congrats on your 30% PDRL, I just recieved my results and got 30% TDRL. I wish I could be that lucky to get permanent so if you could share the details of the findings I would appreciate that. I am happy for you though and I hope you are feeling better now that you have results...
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    Air Force IPEB anyone getting results lately?

    Got my results this morning!!! 30% TDRL for bipolar disorder. Thanks to all of you for your support through this! Good Luck to anyone still waiting :)
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    Anyone whos package was sent in Oct getting results back?

    Well actually mine was sent Oct 15th but sat there for 2 weeks doing nothin so I just say Oct 30th but thanks for "correcting me" I got my results this morning. 30% TDRL for bipolar disorder. Seperation dat of May 24th! Woooooooooo :D
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    19 weeks later IPEB results!!!!

    Hey all finally got my results! 30% TDRL bipolar disorder with a serpation date of May 24, 2010! It feels so AMAZING to actually know what is going to happen instead of sitting around speculating (sorry if that is you still) My package was sent to AFPC on Oct 15 (sat there for apprx 2 weeks)...
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    So apparently someone at AFPC actually reads this board

    He tried, but couldn't get anywhere. They specifically quoted this website and the thread "AFPC sucks!!!" (apparently that caught their attention) and it has what base I'm from and I wrote what office I worked in so they called and spoke to my supervisor (new one at PA) and asked if she had a...
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