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    Seperation Paycheck Question

    Hi all, Just a question for anyone who might know. Peblo is clueless as usual. My seperation date is May 24th but I am going Permissive TDY from May 5th until May 24th. My question is will I still get paid June 1st since I will be technically still in the Air Force until May 24th? Also My TDRL...
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    How long for seperation orders?

    I accepted the finding from my IPEB-30% TDRL for bipolar disorder. My question is how long does it usually take for seperation orders? The VA said they couldn't start my claim until I had them. Thanks a bunch!
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    19 weeks later IPEB results!!!!

    Hey all finally got my results! 30% TDRL bipolar disorder with a serpation date of May 24, 2010! It feels so AMAZING to actually know what is going to happen instead of sitting around speculating (sorry if that is you still) My package was sent to AFPC on Oct 15 (sat there for apprx 2 weeks)...
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    So apparently someone at AFPC actually reads this board

    Someone from AFPC called looking for an airmen working in Public Affairs that didn't usually work there (me) and that was awaiting a med board. They wanted to see if they could help speed it up any. I thought I was in trouble for saying that they suck, which as we all know I meant the system and...
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    AFPC sucks!!!!

    Not that you all didn't know this already but my commander called me for a meeting (I'm currently working in Public Affairs because they don't have work for me to do in contracting) I went over there and he said that he called down to AFPC himself since its been 4 months and then some and that...
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    Air Force IPEB anyone getting results lately?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone was hearing results back recently with the holidays and all. Mine was sent in October and still no word. My PEBLO said she was getting some back that was sent at the beginning of September. Anyone out there get results in Jan? Anyone else get their package sent...
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    Just Met with PEBLO someone please help/advise commander letter/narsum

    Got my commanders letter and doctor's NARSUM today. I totally disagree with their diagnosis of "bipolar" and submitted my letter stating that it was situational crisis that happened and have no prior record of condition or symptoms and haven't had any since. I also submitted a couple letters...
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    Going for an MEB for bipolar

    I never had any problems prior to breaking up with my fiancee of three years, getting raped (by 2 Air Force Guys) and switching medications and this is all over the last month. Now I'm "bipolar" I don't agree with this diagnosis and feel like I should fight this. How do I go about getting...
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