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    Being retired with open medical issues Admin lod/ Informal LOD

    three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and referred to a cardiologist. Thus requiring continued care. I was told by MPF I would not be retiring today, but put on med hold pending completion of investigation for new diagnosis. the clinic notified COB 09 Sep 11, that they only...
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    August package

    Injured Dec 2008 MEB 26 Aug 2010 referred to IPEB 02 Sep 2010 I've got 21 years active/reserve service time. what determines TDRL vs. PDRL? also I will update this as I get more info
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    no INCAP supposed to be on orders.

    I was injured while deployed. I have a LOD and was involuntarily taken off orders. Still injured. Went to apply for incap pay, was told probably not eligible because I am supposed to be on orders (AFRCI 36-3004 1.3). Unit refuses to put me on orders.....errrr Any advice as how to proceed...
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    Air Force ART injured while deployed being penalized

    I am an Air Force ART and was injured (shoulder) Dec 08 while deployed, moving weapons. The injury was documented, LOD done. I was kept medicated until return to home station. Prior to leaving Ramstein, I was told by the clinic that I would be continued on orders until my shoulder was fixed, not...
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