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  1. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    Your CRSC will be the lesser of Estimate : 10 yrs 7 mo ACTIVE DUTY = 10.58 yrs; 10.58 x 2.5% = 26.45 multiplier 3122.50 x 26.45 = 825.90 dollar amount of longevity portion of retired pay Or The dollar amount of the CRSC percentage approved by your service. One would use the VA compensation...
  2. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    You are welcome...glad to help. Ron
  3. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    Glad to help... Ron
  4. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    Subject: Waiver of Retired Pay and Other Useful Information DFAS has a new webpage: From DFAS: Many military retirees who are eligible for DoD retired pay are also eligible for VA disability pay. The laws and regulations that apply when a retiree is eligible for both types of pay are complex...
  5. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    Joe, It appears you are not a disability retiree based on the info you provided. (This is mentioned since this is a PEB forum...disability retirements and discharges.) With that said, you are perfectly welcome here, the computation just has different features. Your questions coupled with...
  6. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    All your retired pay is reduced by amount of VA compensation received 3127/0.75 = 4169.33 high three 15.58 yrs ACTIVE DUTY; 15.58 x 2.5% = 38.95 multiplier 4169.33 x 38.95% = 1623.95 dollar amount of the longevity portion of retired pay CRSC @ 100% would be the entire waived amount of 3127...
  7. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    Retired gross 1249/0.40 = 3122.50 high three All retired pay reduced by amount of VA comp 10 yrs 7 mo ACTIVE DUTY = 10.58 yrs; 10.58 x 2.5% = 26.45 multiplier 3122.50 x 26.45 = 825.90 dollar amount of longevity portion of retired pay You did not provide an estimated CRSC percentage; however...
  8. RonG


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can file a claim for VA compensation and it will be evaluated. A veterans service officer (VSO) with a service organization can assist you with your claim. The VFW, American Legion, DAV, and others have...
  9. RonG

    my crsc timeline

    Correct, however... “CRSC is not retired pay, and it is not subject to the provisions of 10 U.S. Code § 1408 relating to payment of retired or retainer pay in compliance with court orders.” DOD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7B, Chapter 63, Section 630101.C.1. CRSC may be garnished for...
  10. RonG

    Time for a Retired Pay Checkup--DFAS was from a DFAS message. I think all retirees received a message about the checkup. Ron
  11. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    mcbussard, [see post # 280] If you want an estimate of your CRSC entitlement... The information associated with all of the six numbered items below is needed. Incomplete answers will preclude an accurate estimate. Each numbered item below is a factor in the CRSC calculation. 1. High three...
  12. RonG

    Time for a Retired Pay Checkup--DFAS

    Ref: LINK to DFAS Page <---- It’s Time for a Retired Pay Account Checkup It’s important to regularly review and update your retired pay account. Keeping your account current will ensure that we can get in touch with you if there is information you need to know about your retired pay and help...
  13. RonG

    How do I calculate my CRSC

    The DFAS CRSC calculation wegpageis no longer available which is good since the rates had not been updated since 2014 and it had other flaws. You mentioned you are retired; what type? It makes a difference. You either have a regular retirement ( 20 years); a reserve retirement (20 "good...
  14. RonG

    AFBCMR changed discharge to "secretarial authority"?

    Ksilver88, 1. A medical discharge with less than 30% disability rating results in eligibility for severance pay. Note: One cannot received both disability severance pay and VA compensation for the same disabilities in most instances. Ref: DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation Volume...
  15. RonG

    Severance and EAOS estimation

    Re: “PAC to disbursement” You probably know this, but “disbursement” is made by DFAS. After receipt of payment, please report the length of time you waited for it. Questions regarding timing are frequent on this board. Thank you, Ron
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    I am aware you know of TWP. The info I provided is a direct quotation from the SSA. It appears that if you remain within the boundaries shown at the SSA site, you will not be overpaid. It seems clear you were within the boundaries. The link in my first reply leads to the web page for the...
  17. RonG


    Earnings trigger a trial work period (TWP)..from Social Security Administration During a trial work period, a beneficiary receiving Social Security disability benefits may test his or her ability to work and still be considered disabled. We do not consider services performed during the trial...
  18. RonG

    Maya Post .....10% DOD 90% VA Disability Severance ?

    Maya, I just noticed you were last seen May 22, 2019 . Sorry I did not see your initial post in March; I was 5 hours from home assisting my brother during a serious medical challenge. Ron Added...Disability Severance Pay info: General. Ref: DoD 7000.14-R Financial Management Regulation...
  19. RonG

    Start your own thread for better results

    See --->LINK to info pertaining to starting a new thread Ron
  20. RonG

    Can anyone help? Frustrated

    I too agree with all that has been offered. In answer to your question:, "If I get an admin sep over my medical process, does that disqualify me from getting [VA] disability in the future?" It would not preclude VA disability compensation; however, I think you would be making a mistake to...
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