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  1. ctbenja1015

    CRDP Question

    When I was placed on the PRDL I began receiving my Retirement pay, however it is offset by my disability pay as I am 100% VA SC and 70% DoD SC. I must choose my SBP election and if, as in my case, I must pay for the SBP out of my own pocket. To qualify for SBP you must be Retired and collecting...
  2. ctbenja1015

    Reservist and CRDP

    I am a 100% P&T service connected and 70% DOD. Was placed on the PRDL on 20160616 with 9 years 11 months and 11 days of Reserve time = 3 years 3 months active time. I did not receive my orders for PDRL until 20160625, 9 days after I was retired. Since I am a reservist I can not receive CRDP...
  3. ctbenja1015

    Where are my orders?

    5 weeks and still no orders. Anyone get orders in the last month?
  4. ctbenja1015


    I guess my PEBLO no longer works for the Army, emails coming back undeliverable....WTF
  5. ctbenja1015

    ebenefits question new ratings

    On ebenefits under disabilities my new ratings "status post anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) (previously evaluated as DC 5010-5237 cervical spine arthritis) (also claimed as cervicalgia)" at 10% Previous rating "cervical spine arthritis" 10% (secondary) cervical...
  6. ctbenja1015

    DD-199 V-codes

    (MEB DX-1) V1=yes; V3=yes;V4=yes (MEB DX-2) V1=no; V3=no; V4=yes Received preliminary memo today
  7. ctbenja1015

    CMS / MODS

    I have no access to my dashboard, are these messages accurate? THIS IS AN AUTOMATED NOTIFICATION FROM THE CMS SYSTEM. DO NOT REPLY. -------------------------------------------------------------------- You are currently in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) process which...
  8. ctbenja1015

    Awsome PEBLO!

    Got read receipt from my last 2 emails to my PEBLO: was deleted without being read on Tuesday, March 01, 2016 4:33:51 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  9. ctbenja1015

    Tracking MEB/PEB

    Other than IDES Dashboard, PEBLO and ebenefits, is there anyway to track your case? Since they have changed IDES Dashboard to being only accessed on a .mil domain and the fact my PEBLO doesn't respond to phone calls, though she will occasionally reply to an email, I have no way of following my...
  10. ctbenja1015

    IDES Dashboard

    I have not been able to get onto dashboard since the 7th. Anyone else having problems?
  11. ctbenja1015

    QTC Medical Exam

    IDES through Fort Gordon, QTC physical, MH and Hearing. Anyone had experience with QTC in Atlanta?
  12. ctbenja1015

    Timeline Post 1

    Packet Suppose to go up tomorrow
  13. ctbenja1015

    good start to the new year!

    My case worker in Pinellas Park, Fla told me my packet will finally be getting sent to the IDES this week, after 18 months of waiting on one thing or another.:cool:
  14. ctbenja1015

    Ratings Prior to MEB (C&P Exams)

    I have seen many posts stating after 6 months or a year you have to get a new exam. The way I read this regulation is not less than 2 years. Am I not reading it properly? (a) General. Reexaminations, including periods of hospital observation, will be requested whenever VA determines there is a...
  15. ctbenja1015

    Travel for IDES process

    Other than C&P exams, when and/or what do you have to physically attend in IDES. Really don't want to go on orders as I have to pay it back to VA.
  16. ctbenja1015

    SSDI, 100% P&T, MEB/PEB

    Anyone have SSDI and 100% P&T VA rating Prior to MEB/PEB
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