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    TERA Vs. CH 61 *post-FPEB Implications

    The services are authorized to use TERA to shape their forces through 2025: . It was extended from 2018 to 2025 in one of the recent NDAAs (I think 2017...not sure). I'm pretty sure Mr. Perry is correct though in that...
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    Asthma MEB. Any similar cases?

    With that letter from the commander, it's highly unlikely that they'd find you "fit". The 65% PFT and inhaled anti-inflammatory meds definitely put you in 30%. If you had more than 12 years in service, DoD may have awarded you a higher effective retirement percentage for longevity (2.5% per...
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    Asthma MEB. Any similar cases?

    I was MEB'd for asthma, but my asthma has been (relatively) well-controlled. Additionally, my asthma is triggered by allergens and upper respiratory infections, but it is not exercise induced. I was found "fit" back in 2007, assigned an ALC-C2, and have gone through 10 annual RILOs since then...
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    Long time reader...first time poster :) AGR Reserve Process and my experiences

    Thank you keeping us up-to-date on your process. I'm guessing you were trying to stay in? :(
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    Poll for those who have been found fit

    The Air Force is hurting for personnel. My guess would be that if your condition does not interfere with your home/garrison mission requirements that they'll retain, but with an assignment limitation code.
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    Need advice please

    Chaps is correct. The military only does MEB/PEB for service connected injuries/ailments and would only retire a member if they found the medical issue to be incompatible with the member's military service (found "unfit"). Since you were injured as a Federal Technician, do they perhaps have some...
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    Need help regarding C2 code. *AF Question*

    Hmm...not sure if I understand. Are you wanting to have a RILO done soon? Has your condition changed for the worse? I understand that you likely are supposed to have a RILO done by now, but what are expecting the RILO to accomplish? I was MEB'd eleven years ago and have had at least nine...
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    If found fit...

    Do they do a C&P exam for a "fit" determination? My MEB/IPEB was a decade ago and there was no exam or disability determination as I was found "fit" and returned to duty (with limitations).
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    Question about DoDi 6130.03

    I couldn't edit my original post, but I did notice additional changes in the last two statements. The first statement clarified that the medical standards apply for the enlistees' first 6 months of ACTIVE DUTY, but the second statement states that the medical standards apply to the enlistees'...
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    Question about DoDi 6130.03

    I saw the updated DoDI 6130.03 this morning as well. Through quick searches, the primary update seems to be in regard to gender dysphoria. Bold added for emphasis. The 2012 update to the 2010 version states: "r. Current or history of psychosexual conditions (302), including but not limited...
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    I can work but it takes a toll on me mentally. What does this mean to the VA?

    If you are looking for something to do, you could volunteer your time at food banks or other community organizations. Are you looking for increased income? What would be your purpose for working?
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    New to MEB Process/Timeline

    Well, per the VA schedule of ratings, asthma requiring a daily-inhaled anti-inflammatory is solidly 30%. That alone should get you the minimum 30% you need, assuming they (DoD) rate it as a condition that makes you "unfit." Additionally, due to longevity (16 yrs x 2.5% per year) your retirement...
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    Hello! Looks like you posted directly to your profile page. If you're hoping to get more...

    Hello! Looks like you posted directly to your profile page. If you're hoping to get more visibility and advice, it'd be best for you to post on the discussion forums. In the upper left of your screen, near the Home link, there's a link for Forums. Just click on the link and select a forum...
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    RILO question, please help

    I guess what is it you expect to happen by having the RILO early? If your condition has drastically changed (particularly for the worse) then report it as soon as you can to your PCM. I've had a RILO every year for the last 11 years, with no change in my medical status (though I have tried to...
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    THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!! DoD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members

    Question for folks out there... Has anyone out there witnessed any changes with the services due to this recent retention policy memo? Anyone have any visibility in regard to what the services are doing to meet the intent of the new policy?
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    Deploy or out

    Indeed. The uncertainty is pretty terrible. Will I still be in service later this year? No idea at all. I think it's a bit more certain for folks that are ALC-C3 (they are outright listed as non-deployable), but C1/C2 are in limbo for sure. Also, services can grant waivers, but I think the...
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    Deploy or out

    Similar situation, different condition. Med boarded back in 2007 and also received an ALC-C2. I haven't been qualified for WWD in over 11 years. Going by the words being tossed around in the news articles, it really seems like they want everyone to be worldwide deployable. But is that really the...
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    Limdu at 18 years 7 months Navy

    They definitely will not boot you out. You should be able to retire. Is your injury recent? What are they doing to treat your injuries?
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    Where am I in the process

    Replying to an old comment, but I did have an issue with my PEBLO out at Osan AB back in 2006. My MEB had finished up and was going to be pushed to the IPEB. I was put on a 4T profile which would have prevented me from taking my mid-tour leave back home. I called up the PEBLO and he didn't...
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    Mr. Perry has posted quite a few resources that may work for you. I think most of his items are...

    Mr. Perry has posted quite a few resources that may work for you. I think most of his items are Air Force oriented, but there may be some Army examples. Here's a link to his resources page:
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