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  1. J

    Pending decision approval

    How do you know when it changes? Mine says pending decision approval but I don't know how long it says that because I just found out where to find it
  2. J

    VA Rating?

    where do you look on ebenefits to see the progression of your ratings or whatever
  3. J

    Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (Mild) during MEB

    I feel you. I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and when I went for my C&P exam they diagnosed me with MDD and PTSD
  4. J

    Denied MEB?

    I’ve been diagnosed with MDD. I know how it feels to let shit build up and not want to talk to anyone about it, but I will tell you this. Talk to someone. As shitty as it sounds you need to. Nothing good comes from holding it in. I’m not telling you to go to a counsiler or a mental health person...
  5. J

    Denied MEB?

    It’s not. It’s meant to kick off as an “Emergency Power Unit” (epu) in the air. Hydrazine can cause cancer in the liver and is extremely hazardous. If it makes skin contact they strip you naked and spray you with a fire hose (from a truck). It wasn’t pilot error it was aircraft malfunction. And...
  6. J

    Denied MEB?

    Yea and like I said I agree there are a lot of people like that now, but when you say “kids these days don’t want to do their time and get out, they want 100% and to be able to carry around the badge of being “retired” and a “disabled vet” in their 20s and 30’s.” you’re making a very large...
  7. J

    Denied MEB?

    An EPU fired on the ground near me. I’m an F-16 Chief myself Padgettra
  8. J

    Denied MEB?

    Just to save you the time of looking it up.
  9. J

    Denied MEB?

    Yes. I had an exposure to hydrazine in April of last year and one of the side effects shown on the website states that’s seizures is a side affect of being exposed. I understand where you’re coming from because I’ve seen 4 guys already in just my AMU get removed for “mental health”...
  10. J

    Denied MEB?

    I agree in a since but at the same time I’m getting medically retired because I got diagnosed with epilepsy at 22. Did I want it? No. Did I ask for it? No. I’d do anything to be back to my old self and not have seizures every other week. And all this came about because of my job and the...
  11. J

    Denied MEB?

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your job?
  12. J

    MEB Mental Health

    Question. I got diagnosed with MDD and possibly PTSD today at my VA appointment when I went for adjustment behavior. Will they add that to my claims and rate me for that or not?
  13. J

    MEB Mental Health

    Question. I got diagnosed with MDD and possibly PTSD today at my VA appointment when I went for adjustment behavior. Will they add that to my claims and rate me for that or not?
  14. J

    Too late?

    Update: had an appointment today and was diagnosed with some other things. I didn’t claim them but the lady diagnosed me with them. Do I need to go back and claim them or will they automatically rate me for them since it’s in her report?
  15. J

    Too late?

    So I have already listed my claims at my first MSC appointment. I recently got my medical records from my neurologist and it says I have obstructive sleep apnea. How would I go about claiming that too. They told me back when I had the sleep test that everything was normal. They also diagnosed me...
  16. J

    My Timeline

    I know this is random but what is a 618? I’ll Be finishing my C&P exams on wednesday and have no clue what a 618 is
  17. J

    What do you think?

    So I am currently on a MEB through the Air Force. I was diagnosed with epilepsy back around March/April and was notified last Thursday I'll be going through a full MEB. I saw my MSC for the first time the 10th and have all my claims listed (Hearing loss, epilepsy (Grand Mal and Petit Mal...
  18. J

    Timeline Question

    I believe thats only a 10% rating
  19. J

    Timeline question

    Mine took about 3 weeks
  20. J

    First VA Appointment

    So Thursday I had my first PEBLO meeting and being told Im unfit for duty and that I'll be going through a full MEB. She told me the VA will be calling me this coming week and I'll be having my first VA appointment soon after. I was wondering what happens at the first VA appointment and if I...
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