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  1. mysticasphalt

    DES Pilot Case using A Joint DOD/VA Disability Evaluation

    Isn't this the IDES system and not the Legacy? It states on my DA-5889 that my case is a DES Pilot Case File with a number. Thanks!
  2. mysticasphalt

    Change from IDES to Legacy from initial placement of TDRL to PDRL?

    Does anyone know why this happens? It allows the DOD to give you a lower rating than the VA has established for you on those same conditions resulting in a lower retirement income!! Any ideas why or if this is legal or not?
  3. mysticasphalt

    IDES ratings from TDRL to PDRL

    When going from TDRL to PDRL through the IDES aren't your ratings supposed to mirror your VA ratings for your unfitting conditions?
  4. mysticasphalt

    TDRL to PDRL Question! Please help!!

    Need advice ASAP as I just received my 3 year TDRL reevaluation! I went on TDRL 3 years ago with 2 disabilities rated as unfitting. PTSD-50% and Left Shoulder Arthritis 20% for a TDRL rating of 60%. My DA-199 just came back with 50% PTSD and 10% Left Shoulder Arthritis 10% totaling 60%. However...
  5. mysticasphalt

    TDRL to PDRL Question

    I was put on TDRL 3 years ago and just yesterday was recommended to PDRL on my DA199. My question is in regards to time in service for final retirement income. I was at 14 years for my TDRL computation at 60% as Captain which at the time was $5800. Will I get the 3 years of TDRL time added to my...
  6. mysticasphalt

    TDRL to Permanent- when, what to expect?

    I am currently receiving 60% DOD TDRL and 90% VA ratings. I was chapter 61 retired in August of 2011. I have a partial prosthetic shoulder that was worth 20% DOD and 50% PTSD DOD. My PTSD rating however has gone from 50% to 70% during my last VA reevaluation and I believe that my other...
  7. mysticasphalt

    Is CDRP going to be given to everyone in the future?

    I'm collecting 60% dod tdrl and 80% VA. I heard that soon we will be able to collect both dod retirement and the va portion. So for me that would be 3488 dod and 1409 this a true statement? i know cdrp used to be for 20 years plus but has it changed or is it in the process of changing?
  8. mysticasphalt

    Sleep Apnea-Jason please help- Already retired but recently diagnosed!

    Json or anyone with insight- I've been retired for PTSD and a shoulder partial replacement and was given 60% DOD disability and 80% VA. I retired on the 29th of August but just found out today that I have sleep apnea. They said it was moderate and that I will need a CPAP machine to sleep...
  9. mysticasphalt

    60% DOD TDRL 70% VA (50% PTSD, 20% Shoulder......Question regarding 6 month reeval

    When I get reevaluated is it possible for my 50% ptsd rating to drop to 30%? I am receiving 60% tdrl with 50% for ptsd and 20% for a shoulder hemi-replacment. I know they say 50% is the minimum you'll receive when the condition is unfitting, but does that go for the reevaluation also? Is it safe...
  10. mysticasphalt

    2 Months Now Awaiting Rating

    My packet has been with the VA in Seatle now for 2 months and have yet to get word. Anyone get their results lately from the VA in Seatle? What was the wait???
  11. mysticasphalt

    Rating Back From Seattle in 5 Weeks!!

    All Pilot Program-Active Duty Unfit decision-14 Apr Rating from Seattle-19 May VA-70% DOD-60% Feel free to shoot me your questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability based on my 8 month MEB/PEB experience.
  12. mysticasphalt

    Found Unfit Today by the PEB Rating?????????????Jason can you please chime in:)

    My PEBLO contacted me today to inform me that I have been found unfit for two conditions. I am a Captain with 14 years time in service. 1. PTSD 10AC (Combat related) 2. Left Shoulder Post Status Hemi Replacement/Arthritus/Bicipital Tendonitus Any WAGs on my rating??? (1)PTSD w/major...
  13. mysticasphalt

    How Long??? Once MEB has been sent to PEB

    MEB took place at Ft Sam Houston Tx and my PEB is at the same location. How long am I looking to wait til I receive a fit or unfit decision??? Once that decision comes back unfit how long until I receive a rating??
  14. mysticasphalt

    MEB Complete with two conditions medically unacceptable-Help Jason

    :)Can someone tell me whether or not this condition will be found fit or unfit andif unfit what rating I should expect? DOD Diagnosis: Left Shoulder Arthritus VA DX: Status Post hemi replacement left shoulder with scar and bicipital tendonitus. I have a P3 profile that allows no lifting...
  15. mysticasphalt

    Please Help Jason or anyone that can!! Fit Question-12 years TIS

    Your thoughts please on fitness of the following diagnosis going to the PEB: P4 profile under S Axis I: PTSD, Chronic Secondary diagnosis for axis I related to the Axis I diagnosis of PTSD: Major Depressive Disorder, Amphetamine Dependence, Benzodiazepine Dependence. The secondary diagnosis...
  16. mysticasphalt

    Update MEB-PTSD & L Shoulder Post Hemi-Replacement

    16 Sep-MEB Initiated 17 Sep-PEBLO Counseling 7 Nov-Completed last C&P Exam 22 Dec-PEBLO Received VA Exams 6 Jan-Packet sent to MEB 7 Feb-MEB Appt(NARSUM) scheduled;) Can anyone help me with what to expect from this appt?? Thanks!
  17. mysticasphalt

    Entitlement Question

    I am currently at the NARSUM phase of my MED board and have a few questions regarding compensation. 1. My diagnosis was PTSD, Chronic moderate to moderately severe symptom with a GAF of 54. However, the C&P psychologist listed the criteria listed in the VASRD at the 30% rating as far as my...
  18. mysticasphalt

    C&P Exam Results.......Fit/Unfit??? Rating?? Please Help!!

    Axis I: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chronic. Axis I: The secondary diagnosis for Axis I are Major Depressive Disorder related to the Axis I PTSD and Amphetamine Dependence related to Axis I PTSD and Benzodiazepine Dependence related to the Axis I PTSD. Axis II: No Diagnosis. Axis III...
  19. mysticasphalt

    FIT or UNFIT........please help!!

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