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    sleep apnea

    I don't really know what to ask, this is kind of just a rant. I don't know if I actually have sleep apnea, but at my last VA annual physical I complained about something, and it caused the doctor to order an oxygen test, well they got me an o2 concentrater that I use every night. I'm not sure if...
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    transfer of gi bill benefits

    are there any exceptions to the rule of transferring the Post 9/11 GI Bill while in active service?
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    Vocational Rehabilitation pay issue

    I've been attending college online for the past couple years and just completed my program. I will be receiving a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management from Columbia Southern University. About a year ago my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor quit and moved away. The new counselor has...
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    CRSC cap amount

    Hello all, I was medicaly discharged and initially received a 30% rating for my ptsd. apparently complaining to my psychiatrist prompted him to encourage me to apply for an increase and after it was all said and done I received a 70% rating. my dod retirement is 909 based on the 30% rating and...
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    receiving VA disability compensation and DOD retirement

    I was recently medically discharged and today I received my first DOD retirement payment. I also received my VA disability payment. I know I am not supposed to receive both, but I am not sure who to talk to or what to do to get it fixed. I am sure if I do nothing and just keep collecting the...
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    getting the run around from dfas

    I was medically discharged, order date 12Jan, and I have been waiting for the paychecks to start. I called Dfas to see what progress had been made and they told me they were waiting on the financial info from my branch of service. I am part of the National Guard, so could I just call the finance...
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    crsc timeline

    I received my separation and have the crsc application done, any idea how long it takes before it kicks in?
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    permanent profile for ptsd

    is it pretty common for people to have a no access to guns and ammo restriction in their permanent profile for ptsd?
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    discharge orders

    I went through the meb process and it is done. I have my discharge orders and have a few questions about them. 1. you are released from assignment and duty because of physical disability incurred while entitled to basic pay and under conditions that permit your retirement for permanent physical...
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    10% for chrondimalacia of the patellar

    I received 10% for chondromalacia patellar, and had knee surgery which helped, but now the VA wants to take the 10 % away. I spoke with my orthopedic surgeon and gave him the 10 page DBQ. He was surprised at the amount of information the VA wanted to fill out in order to fill out the DBQ. Has...
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    can anyone explain the point of the MMPS/MMA? The other question I have is about fit for duty and incap pay. I collected 6 months of incap pay and was "Not Fit For Duty" do I need a "fit for duty" before I can start drilling again? I am a little confused why the Commander is making me start...
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    Meb/peb proposed rating

    I received my dod proposed rating. I have been diagnosed with ptsd and received 30% from the va. for whatever reason the dod dosent want to link the ptsd to a combat incident. I am going through the process to have my day in court. I just think its strange, and I cant think of any reason they...
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    unemployment insurance

    do you guys know if I can collect unemployment benefits from incap earnings?
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    transfered to mmps/mma

    I just saw that I had orders transferring me to the mmps/mma unit which is part of the headquarters for my state national guard. I was just wondering what this meant, other than the obvious.
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    Narsum from DOD c&p exam

    I received my narsum and am wondering if a rating is possible to decipher from the information given. What part of the narsum would I post?
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    meb/peb permanent profile change

    I met with the state surgeon to start the process for a meb. I was given a temporary profile limiting me from drill. the temporary profile expired and I was given a permanent profile for the same thing. The permanent profile included the recommendation for a meb. when the meb started a new...
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    possible outcomes with a disability rating

    I just received a 30% rating from the va for ptsd. I am wondering what the possible outcome will be with my national guard status. I have started the meb process but I am at the beginning of it. I have a no drill profile and an appointment with the state surgeon who will start the meb process...
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    Army National Guard ptsd unfit for duty rating

    I was wondering what criteria the army national guard uses to decide a soldier is unfit for duty with a ptsd diagnoses
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