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    I received a draft of my Narsum from my doctor and gave her the go ahead that it was good which she forwarded to the peblo, but upon reading around, i noticed that there might be a huge mistake. she indicated that my forward flexion is 0-150 degrees. she also indicated how i can't bend, sit or...
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    I was initially referred to the MEB for mild sleep apnea with excessive daytime sleepiness and lower back pain which were both diagnosed by civilian doctors, and now waiting for my C&P exam. My PCP who is a military doc referred me to walter Reed Bethesda to see a military sleep specialist to...
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    I was submitted for PEB about a month ago and met with my Peblo last week. He scheduled me for the attorney briefing yesterday but the attorney said something during the briefing that got me worried. I'm an E-6 with 9 years in and my EAOS is January 20th, 2019 and will be extended for 6 more...
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