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  1. Guardguy11

    MET assistance

    I recently finished my C&P exam and just got my DBQs back from my PEBLO. My doctor at the VA originally clicked 3-5 METs but must have changed it after I left. It is now at 5-7 which is a significant change. Due to my condition, he did an interview instead of the exercise test as my heart stops...
  2. Guardguy11

    FYI: Cases will no longer be posted online.

    Talk about straight talk... At least they said respectfully.
  3. Guardguy11

    TDRL re-evaluation

    I don't have any experience with TDRL, but I would follow Ron's advice. Be yourself and tell the truth about how you feel on your worst days. They will be able to tell where you are at in your "recovery". I will follow this post because I imagine I will get a TDRL myself and I am curious how the...
  4. Guardguy11


    Jason responds faster to his work e-mail [email protected]
  5. Guardguy11

    [email protected]

  6. Guardguy11

    Guard/ Reserve retirement

    And this is why RonG is the man... I completely fubbered that one up. I took my situation and somehow conflated it onto his without even thinking about the chapter 61 drawbacks. Diamond, you are correct that the technician piece is a beast in and of itself. Definitely disregard my previous...
  7. Guardguy11

    Guard/ Reserve retirement

    Diamond, if given the opportunity, I would recommend you take the disability retirement versus waiting for your retirement at 60. Below is my calculations that I made so you can see. I will also alibi that I am using somewhat generic numbers based on your data given above and assuming you are 42...
  8. Guardguy11

    MEB timeline

    After re-reading your initial post, I do find it weird that your provider "requested" that you do an MEB. Usually they just say you are going to go through it. They don't ask you if you want to go through it. That strikes me as weird....
  9. Guardguy11

    MEB timeline

    Hello Keshia! It sounds like you will be entering the a process called the Pre-IDES (Integrated Disability Evaluation System), AKA IRILO (Initial Review in Lieu of) . During this time, you will continue to work on your medical condition and do go to your appointments. The med group should put...
  10. Guardguy11

    Condition identified, but not fully evaluated before orders were terminated.

    Finance should be able to deduct your pay for the amount of your VA without blinking an eye. It would save you from having to deal with the VA and still meets federal law. It's up to you man, but you have a case and AFI on your side. It sounds like they beat the fight out of you though...
  11. Guardguy11

    Condition identified, but not fully evaluated before orders were terminated.

    I don't think it matters... I would just say "injured while on orders" lol
  12. Guardguy11

    Condition identified, but not fully evaluated before orders were terminated.

    You definitely have a case to be made. I agree with Heathro, you need to seek council. At the same time you are seeking council, next drill weekend, you need to report to sick call and talk about your back hurting. Ask who the MEDCON POC is and talk to them about applying for MEDCON for your...
  13. Guardguy11

    Condition identified, but not fully evaluated before orders were terminated.

    What is medical "breathing down your neck" for? They have the power to initiate a Pre-IDES trigger if they feel you should be separated from service. I feel like the medical and senior leadership doesn't understand their role in this situation, or I am missing a piece of your DES puzzle. Those...
  14. Guardguy11


    Right, wrong or indifferent, having your command team on your side makes the DES process exponentially easier. The commander impact statement is huge in determining fit or unfit. If your command team doesn't like you or feels you are gaming the system, there are multiple tools at their disposal...
  15. Guardguy11

    Condition identified, but not fully evaluated before orders were terminated.

    AGR life is tricky. When you are on indefinite orders, LODs are rarely accomplished because of the work involved and most people are not familiar with the system. AFI 36-2910 para 1.6 discusses when an LOD is required and it sounds like you fit this requirement. Paragraph 2.2 shows the...
  16. Guardguy11

    AGR ANG Timeline

    That is a ridiculously fast timeline from the code 37 to where you are. I am hoping mine timeline goes in a similar fashion. I have had to wait 48 days for my final VA exam. Apparently the VA hospital in Kansas City is crazy busy right now.
  17. Guardguy11

    Facing honorable discharge, CDR says I do not qualify for PTSD plus leg problems medboard because...

    There is no deployment or time requirement that I am aware of. You need to ensure that all of your issues and concerns are properly documented in your medical records before leaving the service. Since you are pending, I assume, an administrative discharge, you will not qualify for disability...
  18. Guardguy11

    Surgery during MEB process

    Don't let that proposed recovery time stop your decision. The calculus for this decision really boils down to a single question; Does the health concerns about waiting for the surgery out weigh the prospect of being completely done with the IDES process and moving into the next season of life...
  19. Guardguy11

    Surgery during MEB process

    It will behoove you to keep that mindset going forward. At some point, even the best command team in the world will drop you and start pressing towards the future, as they should. The US mission still needs to be done, but now your mission is to get better. Every decision you make from here on...
  20. Guardguy11

    Surgery during MEB process

    Ask your PEBLO what happens if you start physical therapy. Just let him know that it won't interfere with or delay your disability processing. Can't hurt to ask
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