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  1. seabee

    CRDP with PDRL?

    If you are PDRL Retired at 40% with less than 20 years and VA disabled rated 70-80%, can you receive CRDP? If so what is the process of doing so? I've read some places that you can qualify and read on Dfas website that you cannot.
  2. seabee

    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    Thank you very much Mike and Jason. After much time waiting, I received a call telling me my results are in. Crohn's Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis Depression 40% PDRL
  3. seabee

    ROM Result question?

    What do these range of motion results translate into in VASRD speak? Mean Averages Flexion 65/65 Extension 28/30 Sidebend Right 25/25 Sidebend Left 31/33 Rotation Right 41/44 Rotation Left 35/40
  4. seabee

    New Navy/Marine Non Medical Assesment Template 2010 Commander's Letter

    This was sent to me by a Navy Capt. from Pensacola to be used for my PEB and all others in the southeast. This is the new form. If you are going through the PEB process this letter could help you stay in or get out. Enjoy, Gary
  5. seabee

    Unemployment Disability Pay questions

    !)If I am on TDRL do I have to wait until a PDRL determination before I can file with the VA? 2)If I am rated 30% - 50% through the DoD do I also recieve money from the VA if rated 60% or 70% 3)Can I collect unemployment while TDRL/PDRL? 4)If I file a claim with the VA do I have to return...
  6. seabee

    Anthrax Vaccine Ankylosing Spondylitis and Crohn's Disease Navy MEB Advice/Help

    All, I have read this site for hours a day for about 2 years. This is my first time posting because I have never had anything to contribute because I have not been through this process and have no experience with these matters. Now it's my time to post. I have been active duty Navy 4 years...
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