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  1. rweltz

    NAVY Timeline

    PEB Timeline Surgery Jan 17 2011 Bilateral Calcaneus fracture, Sept 2012 Spinal fracture. NARSUM Request sent to Doc: July 01 2012 NARSUM and sent in JAN 21, 2013 4 Potentially unfitting conditions, Fibro, CFS, Migraines, PTSD, and 20 others, Orthopedic issues not addressed. NMA...
  2. rweltz

    20 + MEB or LOS, Chapter??

    Hello, Jus wanted to says thanks to all the people that put out great info on this board. I may be a little slow, but need some help, and I might be asking the wrong question. I have 28+ years in continous service, and after the last 10 years at war, and 5 combat deployments, I have been put...
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