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  1. Jessica D.

    Dr. says I'm fit for duty?!?!?!?!?

    It's been a long time since I have been on here. But, I went in for my first TDRL evaluation in November (I had degenerative disc disease with a herniation at L5-S1 that required emergency surgery), and the neurosurgeon who evaluated me said "at this time I'd place no restrictions on her...
  2. Jessica D.

    Address change after IPEB findings.

    I've been done with the whole PEB process for a while, and I should be getting a re-evaluation soon. But I have a new address and I'm not sure who I should contact to update that information. Any ideas?
  3. Jessica D.

    Accepted findings today.

    So, for those who haven't been following, I began my board in May 2012 for degenerative disc disease, cauda equina syndrome. Anyways, I accepted my findings this afternoon. 60% DOD 80% VA TDRL My last day is November 30th. I don't know where I'd be without this site. I have learned more...
  4. Jessica D.

    Findings are back.

    So, I just got a call from the chief's who do our PEB's. My findings are back, and I go to sign them on Monday. This is going to be a very long weekend, I'm sure. To sum up my timeline- May 2012-board initiated. July 2012-package sent to PEB August 2012-Found Unfit September 6th 2012-Findings...
  5. Jessica D.

    Faxing preliminary ratings

    Is there some kind of magic word or phrase to tell these VA people on the phone to get them to fax my ratings?
  6. Jessica D.

    Preliminary Ratings

    Has anyone ever had the PEB come up with a different rating, or dispute the VA rating? If so, was it in your favor?
  7. Jessica D.


    So, I just got off the phone with the VA. The guy said that he couldn't tell my ratings over the phone, but he said he was allowed to say, "congratulations on your retirement". He said some other stuff that led me to believe that my VA rating was pretty good as well. He said they will be...
  8. Jessica D.

    Ebenefits update.

    So, I just made it to "pending decision approval" on my ebenefits after being at "preparation for decision for less than a week. Does anyone know what this means? Is it that my preliminary ratings are done? Is it a long wait from this point, or am I through the lengthy part?
  9. Jessica D.


    I just got off the phone with my PEBLO, and she said my case has gone to the VA rating board for ratings-thus meaning I've been found unfit. Here's to hoping the VA doesn't take all year to rate my claims...
  10. Jessica D.

    Fit or Unfit timeframe?

    So, today is Aug. 9th, and my board got sent up on the 23 of July (I signed the 20th, but that was a Friday, so I'm assuming it didn't get sent till that Monday). Anyway-how long should it be before I hear something as to my fit or unfit status? Is this something my PEBLO is going to hear about...
  11. Jessica D.

    Navy case timeline

    I'm not too far into the process yet, but here's what has happened so far... April 2011- Decompression surgery- L5-S1. LIMDU period 1&2 May 2012- MEB referral May-June 2012- C&P exams July 2012- Package sent to VA (Rhode Island office).
  12. Jessica D.

    E-benefits questions

    I'm going through a med-board process right now, and in E-benefits it says that my claim is in the "review of evidence" phase. So, my question is-everyone keeps saying that you can tell if you're found fit or unfit by whether or not the VA has your package, so I'm wondering what "phase" that is...
  13. Jessica D.

    Surgery during PEB

    So, I'm wondering if I am allowed to have a routine surgery during my PEB? Has nothing to do with my referred condition.
  14. Jessica D.

    Future employment and disability

    So, I'm beginning to be concerned that my disability will limit my future employment. I have back problems, so I understand that as an employee, that makes me a risk, but are employers able to ask me about the nature of my disabilities?
  15. Jessica D.

    ROM tests on Friday...

    So, I have my ROM tests on Friday, and last advice before I go?
  16. Jessica D.

    Anyone been through NMCP?

    I just went to DTAP this week, and Portsmouth claims to have the fastest PEB around. Say they are great about it. Anyone been through Portsmouth for PEB, and if so, how quick/painless was it?
  17. Jessica D.

    DTAP Class

    I had my DTAP class today, and had the opportunity to point several people in the direction of this forum for their MEB/PEB related questions :) They went over a lot of stuff in the class today, and, a lot of it, I already knew because of this forum and the people on it. Just thought I'd...
  18. Jessica D.

    Changes to referral

    Background info- Oct. 2010-Mar. 2011-Physical therapy for back pain April 2011- Emergency discectomy to relieve "cauda equina syndrome" (nerve compression, lumbar). April-2012-Referred to MEB. So, I have already sent my referral back to my doctor for a change in the diagnosis list. My referral...
  19. Jessica D.

    ROM tests and worksheets

    So, I hear there is some type of worksheet the doctor is supposed to use for the ROM tests. Does anyone know of this form, and if so, does anyone have a link to it? I'm assuming I'll be going through some ROM tests soon, so I'm trying to educate myself about the process before hand. Any help is...
  20. Jessica D.

    Cauda Equina Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome (caused by a buldging disc) in April of last year. I have been on limited duty since then, but I will soon be evaluated for either continuing service, or seperation (I'm guessing those are my only two options). Has anyone else had this disorder? My real...
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