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    SSDI ALJ hearing coming up what to expect?

    Next week I have my Admin Law Judge hearing I have an attorney but have some questions. Background I am 70% PTSD and am IU so 100% VA. I don't know what to expect during the hearing. My attorney is worried about the financial situation with VA and FERS disability retirement thinking it will be...
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    IU Awarded what happens next ???

    I had a TDRL re-exam with the VA and applied for IU and was awarded IU with an effective date May 1, 2013. Currently, I am receiving both VA and DoD pay 70% VA and 70% Air Force I have 8 years of active service. My current pay is VA at 70% which is $1505.40 and my Air Force disability pay at 70%...
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    Air Force FPEB....what to expect

    I just found out that I am going to have to meet the Air Force FPEB for a TDRL re-eval. The Air Force is trying to reduce my percentage for PTSD from 70% to 50%. What's it like going in front of the board? How should I dress? What questions do they ask? I am just trying to get an idea so I can...
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    VA Claim Status: ACE Opinion at RO???

    Does anyone know what this means? I have no idea. I submitted my claim for an increase in compensation and unemployability back in March and the status went from pending decision to ACE opinion at RO.
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    AF PTSD TDRL Re-Eval.....Help needed on decision Jason

    I just received an email from the Air Force IPEB about my PTSD re-eval. I am currently rated at 70% from the VA and the Air Force wants to reduce my rating to 50% and place me on permanent retirement. I don't know what to do I want to be permanently retired but they decreased my rating. What...
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    IU PTSD Exam....What to expect?

    On November 1st I have a exam for IU for PTSD. What should I expect during this exam? What kind of questions will I be asked? Also, what have others experienced with an IU exam for PTSD? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    AF TDRL Re-evaluation advice needed

    I just received a letter from the AF that I am due for my first re-evaluation for PTSD. I am rated at 70% for PTSD. The AF has gave me two options, I can either go to the nearest active duty base or do a "Can Do Process" where I have my VA doctor send in the information. Question is, Am I better...
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    SSDI appointment, what to expect?...advice needed please

    I just found out that I have an appointment at the Socail Security Office next week. What should I expect? Do I need to bring anything? What do they ask? Please help me out with some advice. Sincerely, Josh Brown
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    My Air Force / ANG Timeline

    Thanks for this forum and everyone that provides information to help others get through this painful process. I am in the Air National Guard and was previously active duty and was forced to go through the IDES process because my conditions occured back in 2004 while active duty at OSAN Air Force...
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    VA denying some of my items claimed, what to do?

    I spoke with the VA on the phone yesterday and found out that I am getting awarded 70% however they are denying a couple of injuries that I had that they are denying. I broke my right wrist and sprained my left wrist on and they give me problems. What should I do? Appeal? Fight later after they...
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    VA sent Ratings to PEB how much longer?

    Just found out that the VA sent my perliminary ratings to the Air Force PEB on October 11, 2012. How much longer will it take to hear something back and be done?
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    Is anyone Air Guard that's been throught the IDES Process?

    I am Air Guard and have been going through the IDES process. I was found unfit for duty by the informal board on August 20, 2012. E-benefits just changed to pending decision approval phase. I am wondering how long will it take to sign my 199 or Form 356? Also how long will it take for my unit...
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    E-Benefits Status Change Today What Next?

    E-benefits has finally changed to Pending Decision Approval Phase. What happens next and what does this mean? I was found unfit by the Air Force IPEB on August 20 and I have not received my proposed rating as of yet? Here is that e-benefits says: Claim Received: 04/12/2012 Claim Type...
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