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    Effective 30 MAR 10 I'm relieved from AD. 31 Mar 10 I am placed on TDRL in grade of SSgt with 30 percent compensation with 9 yrs 6 months and 18 days in service. Does this mean I get 50% of E5 >10 yrs in service? Or is it really 30% at >8yrs?
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    Quick question about TDRL Pay

    I know I'm getting 50% of my base pay. I'm coming up on my 10 year mark soon after I retire. Will my base pay still increase with the number of years since my initial enlistment, or will it be set at my base pay when I retire permanently?
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    Happy 6 Month Anniversary

    So, six months to the day since my package was submitted to AFPC, I got my results back. They rated me at 30% and are giving me TDRL. I should be retired by the end of March, my last day of work should be the end of this month. I'm really excited to get started on the next chapter of my life...
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    181 Days Later

    Sadly, no, it's not the latest Danny Boyle zombie movie. Still haven't heard the final decision. Last week I was told they were just waiting on a sgnature from the "board president". I have the feeling that's a load of bull. I've pretty much given up hope of ever getting a final decision. I've...
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    13,996,800 seconds and counting

    or 162 days, nearly 24 weeks, 5 months and 9 days. Since my IPEB package was fedex'd. The wait has been killing me. I keep asking my PEBLO for updates but I'm guessing there is little he can do. I just hope that they haven't made me wait this long just to tell me to RTD. I've been diagnosed with...
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