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    I was RTD, My Advice and Approach

    This forum has helped me tremendously. I hope that this post and my experience will be of benefit to someone else. I was RTD a few weeks ago, here's what I did. A few caveats, I'm in a high demand low density careerfield and I wanted to stay in (17 years), which certainly helps. Overall, if you...
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    AFGM2019-36-01: Retention Determinations for Non-Deployable Service Members

    With the latest guidance that hit the streets on 19 Feb, does anyone know what impact this AFGM has on existing MEBs? In short, it seems to indicate that CCs are given the reigns on determining wether or not to retain non deployable personnel. Im not the smartest and perhaps someone who is can...
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    Air Force Disability Eval System Roadmap

    All, I was recently referred for a full MEB. I’m at 17 years TIS, prior enlisted, Capt (13L/TACP Officer). My intention is to fight this every step of the way in an effort to stay in and finish my career. As I was browsing the forums here, and a multitude of other resources, I came across the...
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