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    Results in from Pilot Program MEB/PEB... TDRL

    Finally after 11 months worth of a MEB in the stream lined Pilot Program :p I received my results. I have been placed on TDRL and rated @ 60% by the PEB. I was also rated @ 80% by the VA through the Pilot Program. It has been a very long road filled with lots of misleading doctors and people...

    New Narsum after completed IMAs

    Finally after months of trying to get my PTSD and physical IMAs completed, they are done and I have redone my NARSUM. Instead of adjustment disorder I am now correctly listed as having.. axis 1 PTSD - chronic, moderate (309.8) alcohol abuse - in early remission (305) axis 2 defered axis 3 see...

    Pilot Program Migranes

    I am going through the pilot program for my MEB/PEB as we speak, it has been a long road filled with lots of misrepresentation of a conditions. I have filed a claim for my migranes though it is not going to be one of my (unfit) ratings according to the NARSUM and C&P docs. Here is my question, I...

    NARSUM incomplete and inaccurate

    Long time reader, picked up a ton of useful info here but i've ran into a problem and i'm looking for some guidance. Bare with me please I have some major concerns with what is going on here. I am also going through the PILOT PROGRAM for my MEB. During my NARSUM appointment the DR and I were...
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