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    Fort Campell IDES Timeline

    Well here's my timeline so far. 06/16/2011 MEB Started 06/17/2011 Met MSC 06/21/2011 - 06/29/2011 Completed VA exams 08/01/2011 Dictation 08/20/2011 Signed NARSUM 09/01/2011 MEB Approved 09/29/2011 Forwarded to PEB TX 10/06/2011 PEB found 4 unfit conditions 11/04/2011 Date Board Completed...
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    Trying to understand the system

    I have been studying the forum for some time now and I have just entered the IDES. I have been recommended for a MEB. Here is the narrative from the chief podiatrist. "SM has severe osteoarthritis with hallux rigidus/hallux limitis of bilateral first metatarsophalangeal joints.He has failed...
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