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    Severance Pay and taxes

    I had a question regarding taxed severance pay and taxes. I received my severance pay in December. My official ratings from the VA came in the beginning of January. I know I have to submit everything to the IRS since I got my official ratings in a new tax year. I am just wondering since I...
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    home awaiting orders

    I was wondering if any has done the home awaiting orders do the backlog of the VA or has any info on it. My Peblo mentioned something about it the one time I spoke with him and I checked with my case manager about it and she said the only thing she could find was a WTU policy as there is not a...
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    ft drum timeline

    Here is my timeline for Ft Drum currently. Fort Drum does seem to move quicker then some of the other time lines I have seen. Nov 14th MEB starts and P3 profile. Nov 20th initial meeting with PEBLO Nov 26th MSC meeting Dec 13th C&P Exam. I do have one question though. Yesterday I got a...
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    Ft Drum MEB

    I havent posted in a while. I just wanted to share my timeline so far and had a few questions. FEB 2012 Recommended for MEB May/June PAs switch and everything lost for awhile July contact Medical management and find out about everything being lost put back on tracker 14NOV2012 MEB Doc called...
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    need help

    I have a few questions and Ill try to keep it as short as possible. I originally injured my shoulder in 2007. I just dealt with the pain until I PCSed to Drum in OCT 10. I was ordered to go get evaluated shortly after taking a PT test upon arrival. My first profile was in NOV10 for 90 days...
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