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    My Timeline so far...

    Update: I called the PEB today and they said that they had boarded me on Sep 11. I asked about a determination but they said I had to call my PEBLO. I called my PEBLO and she said that the PEB still had it because they had returned it for more information (saying that they couldn't read the...
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    How long??

    My PEBLO sent the package out on Jul 27. MOL shows that the PEB accepted in on Aug 2. A phone call to the PEB said that it shows as accepted Sep 5. As of right now, I have not received a determination. I was told that the PEB process takes 90-120 days at this time.
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    Direct IDES Question. Whats next?

    I am in almost the exact same situation - to include being on I&I. I am currently awaiting the results of the PEB (any day now) but can walk you through the process. The short response to your plan is that - yes, you can submit for TERA in lieu of a medical retirement. The advantage of this is...
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    My Timeline so far...

    Every time I ask my PEBLO, I am told that they (inferring the PEB) will contact me once a decision is made. Based off of all of the timelines posted, I would say that the PEB takes 65 days to reach a conclusion. I personally believe that the majority of this time is due to the volume of cases...
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    My Timeline so far...

    (202) 685-6422 I tried most of Wednesday and didn't get through to anyone. I called Thursday morning at 0939 and got through (to my surprise).
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    LDES Timeline USMC - Camp Pendleton

    My IDES package was accepted by the PEB on Aug 2nd and (I called today) it is still at the MO's desk. I, too, wish that I could at least have a seperation date so I can plan jobs. I had to pass on a great opportunity because of it too.
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    My Timeline so far...

    Update: I spoke with the PEBLO and I called the PEB (thanks to this website for the number). I spoke with a Gunny who told me that my package was still on the MO's desk. He said that they have about 3,000 packages which explains why this process seems to take so long. Between the PEBLO and the...
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    Camp Lejeune - Timeline

    It looks like it went pretty fast to me. I am 16 days after you and my package is still at MO's desk. I hope everything works out for you.
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    MEB/PEB Timeline

    Your package went through quick!
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    Stuck on PEB fit/unfit

    My package was accepted at the PEB 26 days ago and I'm not expecting anything back for another 30.
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    My Timeline so far...

    Then I suppose you would have to add another 2-3 months after that for a retirement/separation date.
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    My Timeline so far...

    Is that three months to get a determination (unfit) or for the whole process to finish?
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    My Timeline

    I'm interested to see if you have heard anything yet as I am only a couple of weeks behind you in the timeline.
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    Camp Pendleton timeline

    Did you receive your fitness determination?
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    My Timeline so far...

    January 2015 - Began having issues with neck/shoulder February 2015 - First appointment with Navy Medical April 2015 - Assigned to first LIMDU October 2015 - Released from LIMDU on condition I could pass a PFT/CFT October 2015 - June 2017 - Periodic appointments with physical therapy/pain...
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