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    TDRL Findings Came in today. (NEED HELP FAST )

    Today, I was sort of shocked. I got a call from the outsourcing place and they said my findings were in from my TDRL exams from a year ago. Ya it took a long time. Anyways, I was originaly put on TDRL for PTSD (50%) and DDD for (20%) They had only the PTSD as combat related. So I think that was...
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    TDRL Review in November. Jason or anyone who knows?

    My review is coming up in Novemeber. I am going to the VA on regular basis and I have heard some thing from different sources on how this will all play out. After I got out of service on TDRL, I applied for increases etc on those. I was awarded 50% PTSD and 20% DDD. At my last C&P a few...
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    Need help ASAP!. as my days are limited now.

    Jason or others who know, please chime in: My PEB is done, I have a retirement date/orders set. 60%/60% DOD/VA (TDRL) I accepted them. no issues on that part. However, this is what I have been told and i am trying to figure this out now. If I would of done this months ago, I wouldnt be in...
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    Could someone explain the retirement to VA process please!.

    Hi all, I have 2 questions here. #1. I retire from the army on may 23rd. Meaning form what I was told that I start with the VA on the 24th. Will there be a gap month in pay where I wont recieve anything? #2. I have to get sleep apnea put on. Should I go to a VSO and get that added now...
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    Timeline for getting orders?

    Hey all. Army here. I signed my ratings last monday. Was curious how long it takes to get orders? Does anyone have any current info on how long it has been taking to get their orders? I was told about 2 weeks by my peblo. Thanks, murph.
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    The Time has come FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a long road........ This has been such a pain in the ass with waiting games etc etc but I finally got the call from my PEBLO that ratings are in and I am going in the morning to get them. I will update on what I recieved army wise. Anyways, just a heads up. My peblo called me and left a...
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    PEB Timeline after found unfit?

    Hi all, Called VA today to see where things were etc according to the advice of the VSO. The lady stated that they just opened my file or something on dec 20th and that it could take 145 days to get an answer then it still has to go to mgmt to get final approval which takes about 21 days and...
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    Jason or anyone? help understanding this please..

    Jason, or anyone. I was approved for SSDI today!. Dont have the letter yet, but the backpay hit. Anyways, someone posted this to me who seems to be of knowledge on this part. So here is my question: How in the heck do I do that if my ratings are up at the VA right now? it's only been up...
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    Social Security Help.

    Hello All! I know some of you are very versed in this area as you have gone through it so I'll ask it. I got done with a 30 day outpatient treatment for ptsd and my docs said I should apply for SS based on my PTSD. They wrote a letter that I took to the SS office when I went to my appt...
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    New Update!! and need some help =)

    Hello Everyone! It has been a long time coming, but my MEB is now moving forward to the PEB. I have osme new information etc so any help would be appreciated: I started the board process with my back (from a high fall in iraq) and as the board went on PTSD was added. Both of these conditions...
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    PTSD Issues etc. Help/advice

    I made a previous post but I thought I would talk about the situation in depth to help you better understand and give advice. I was deployed for 2 years straight. I saw a pal get his face blown off and had to clean out the vehicle. I had mortars coming in on a normal basis and feared for my...
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    PTSD is Automatic 50%?

    Hello everyone, I hear quite a few people (barracks lawyers) saying that because I have PTSD that the VA will probably rate me at 50%? This doesn't make sense, but in a way pisses me off. On my narsum it states (By VA doc) Assesment was symptoms have not markedly affected work or social...
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    Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease (Seperation) Help!.

    I got the pre-narsum back today (They want me to review it and then sign it) Conditions comsidered for seperation: Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Other conditions you feel were aggravated by service: Herniated Intervertebral Disc due to iraq injury PTSD Cyst Removal from calf left...
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