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    Terminal leave and EAS

    if he is put into a situation that he would not be able to take all of his leave and PTDY, he can request an extension to his final out date. I did one to change my final out date to the 27th instead of the 9th of the same month. Don't listen to whomever is cutting his orders about not being...
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    Adjusting ETS date

    Not in a WTU. The Transportation Point is telling me that it can't be done. I submitted a 4187 and referenced AR635-40 and ALARACT 188/2007. Hopefully I won't get much pushback.
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    Adjusting ETS date

    I received my final memo from USAPDA and it has the no later than date on there. Is there a way to get that adjusted to a later date. I am running into a problem of not being able to take all accrued leave because I have not received my orders and TMO says there is a 4week wait to get...
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    PEB Tracker

    Final transition message: 12MAR13 projected ETS 10JUN13
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    My Timeline (Ft. Knox)

    The biggest hold up with the reconsideration was the PEB checking the packet back in. It took 4+ months. I am just tired of the game they play and wish to be on with my life. As well as get out of Illinois...not very fond of this state.
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    My Timeline (Ft. Knox)

    April 2011: AF doc submitted for MEB November 2011: AF doc resubmitted for MEB April 2012: Fit for Duty Eval at Ft. Knox 06APR12: Physicians Notification of MEB 11APR12: Commander notified of MEB 18APR12: initial PEBLO counseling 24APR12: Physical exam completed 26APR12: Physician called to go...
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    PEB Tracker

    Received DA199 w/ corrections Feb 27, 2013 (had reconsideration of ratings submitted SEP12) VA: 30% DOD: 20% (no change) at PDA for review
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    Contesting your Rating

    When I submitted my request for a one time reconsideration of ratings, I did not get re-evaluated. You basically find your evidence (new or otherwise) and write argumentative points as to why you should be rated differently. You have to show an error in the rating especially without new...
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    Question on VA timeline

    The only thing to look for as an indicator on ebenefits is "pending decision approval." this is where your claim should stay until the day after your last day and the VA can continue to complete your claim.
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    Question on VA timeline

    Depends on the number of claims and the complexity of the claim. As well as the workload at the time your packet arrived.
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    Hiring a lawyer

    you could also look into Continuation on Active Duty to make it to 20.
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    How to find if unfit and sent to PEB?

    I would say yes, but it's not always the case.
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    How to find if unfit and sent to PEB?

    The NARSUM is part of the MEB packet that is sent to the PEB. It is the write up of conditions that meet/do not meet retention standards. The PEB determines which conditions if any make you unfit for continued military service. They then type up a memo for DRAS to indicate which conditions...
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    How to find if unfit and sent to PEB?

    The only indication I had of unfit prior to receiving then letter was that the VA had received something from the PEB. I did receive my unfit letter prior to receiving my ratings/DA199, but I have heard of others not receiving it at all.
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    How to find if unfit and sent to PEB?

    The NARSUM is what is sent to the PEB. Fit/Unfit comes from the PEB. An okay indicator of fit/unfit is to look on ebenefits and see if the VA has received anything from your PEB location.
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    Don't they have to tell my my rating before I sign?

    Go to legal. If this is your NARSUM, there won't be any ratings assigned. Also, the NARSUM shouldn't state fit/unfit, but only list things as not meeting retention standards. Request an IMR to buy yourself some time to write an appeal/rebuttal with the guidance of legal. When doing an IMR...
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    This is taken from the IDES Guidebook. Like all leave, it is up to the command unfortunately. They recommend leave for the PEB portion since your appointments would be completed by that time. 1-10. When a Soldier is in the IDES process, Commanders must ensure that Soldiers attend all...
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    I need info please

    you can have a profile excluding portions/alternate events of the APFT. However, this does not preclude one from maintaining height/weight standards. even with a "dead mans" profile, you still must maintain the standards. only a profile from your physician can exempt you from the...
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    Help interpreting this from unfit memo.

    the Dx1 and 2 should refer to diagnosis 1 and 2 on your NARSUM. at least that's what it looks like based off of my unfit letter. I received my unfit memo from my PEBLO. they should get a copy eventually...
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    Fort Stewart Timeline (Army Recruiter in Florida)

    grats. enjoy the civilian life.
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