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    I also have syringomyelia which I have not claimed with the VA as of yet. It measures 1.5mm which is small. I do have pain that I believe is caused by an accident that happened on active duty when a hatch fell on my neck and upper back. I am currently rated 20% for intervertebral disc...
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    Need advise Please stuck at MEB decision NGB and retirement

    I have been on code 37 in the Air National Guard since March 2017 awaiting National Guard Bureau to make a decision to send me to a MEB. I'm coming to the end of my enlistment in September 2018 and will have 19 years at that time for retirement. Should I talk with my commander and ask to be...
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    Humira MED board Retirement ???

    Thank you for the information. I will continue to take my medications. Best wishes for your medical situation.
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    Precribed Medications that preclude retention

    Trying to find a list of prescribed medications that preclude retention, I searched the threads and found individual medicines but not an inclusive list. Any assistance is appreciated.
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    Humira MED board Retirement ???

    Where can you find a list of the non retention medications?
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    VA Independent Medical Review submit to Medical

    Thank you for the information. My unit commander says I should hear something soon, but I am doubtful at this point. In the meantime time passes by.
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    VA Independent Medical Review submit to Medical

    I paid for and received an independent medical exam for my VA claims and would like to know if I should submit this report to the MEB. I am currently in the Air Guard and service connected. NGB keeps sending my record back to the medical group. They say they want active duty orders or DD 214...
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    What is an Initial Non-Duty DES for Air Force

    I received an email saying this an am unsure of the meaning. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    PTSD Service Connected VA but Non-Duty Meaning

    I was service connected with PTSD from the VA from my active Army service during Desert Storm. I am in the Air National Guard now and received an email stating "has been identified as requiring an initial non-duty DES case." Can someone explain what this means. My PTSD has a service...
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    VA Service Connection 70% PTSD with anxiety/depression and AF form 469

    I want to know what this all means and if I need to do anything. Can I still drill for points or am I suspended till 90 days etc. If that is the case then I think I would need to know what to do next.
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    VA Service Connection 70% PTSD with anxiety/depression and AF form 469

    I have a service connection for PTSD with anxiety and depression at 70% from the VA. I recently had a PHA annual exam from my Air National Guard unit and was flagged for PTSD on an AF Form 469 with a code of 31 and release date 90 days in the future. My question if you already have a VA rating...
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