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    Okay, I have been extremely quiet on this board for sometime and propose the DOD VA Pilot program is a good deal. Well, only if you have no intention of having a future! Situation: FINAL Disposition on my case issued March 1 2010 after IPEB (40% PRDL)showed decision on my case by IPEB was on...
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    Limited Assignment Status (LAS)

    Update: IPEB permanent retirement at 40% Applied and got approved for LAS not to exceed twenty years or sooner should AF decide LAS no longer valid based on skill usage Situation: 19 yrs, 1 month AD AF time AFSC: Chronic critical My thoughts: my afsc is not one which deploys as often as...
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    Question on Leave

    I am currently in the DOD VA pilot program and I have posted before. Yesterday, my PEBLO contacted me and stated the local board is convening and then she asked how much leave I had and if I have ever sold any back. I am AD AF with 19 years. Does anyone know why she would have asked this...
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    New Policy AF evaluation pre Deployment

    Got an email today stating the AF has instituted a new predeployment screening requirement for brain functioning. The test will be administered at the Mental Health center prior to anyone deploying. I will find the attachment and post it hear tomorrow. From what I can tell, the AF wants to...
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