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    If you're Army and you've had an NCOER in the last 12 months, then you are not required to receive an NCOER by AR 623-3.
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    DAWG recommended RTD, AFPC says no!

    Definitely get legal counsel at every opportunity!
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    Finally got my ratings...pretty interesting...

    Sir, Have you ever heard of the VA rating Ulcerative Colitis analogously based on the immunosuppressive medications? Currently, based on symptoms alone, I would only rate 10%, but I have been on Remicade continuously since 2015 because my flares were so severe that they weren't controlled by...
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    MEB and pregnant

    I got pregnant within the month of being referred. I actually found out I was pregnant the week after my QTC exam. I thought I might be the week before and took a test 2 days before the exam, but because my cycle is off, it was negative, so I had the x-rays because I didn't think I was pregnant.
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    MEB and pregnant

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    MEB and pregnant

    I'm not due until Nov 15.
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    MEB and pregnant

    We're you already pregnant when the process started?
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    MEB and pregnant

    Not sure where I would look for a branch order on pregnancy - any ideas? I'm actually an HR officer, but I don't have any idea, and everyone in my office is pretty clueless about the MEB process. I asked one of our paralegals, but he had no idea. I'll just have to check with my PEBLO, though...
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    MEB and pregnant

    I notified him immediately. The only thing he told me was that my exam wouldn't have been done by QTC if I had known I was pregnant (I was only a couple of days along and had a negative test when my exam happened, so I assumed I wasn't pregnant). Otherwise, process as normal. I need to ask...
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    MEB and pregnant

    I was referred to MEB in February and just found out last week that I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I am really hoping they let me stay in, but if they separate or retire me, do they have to wait until I have the baby? I'm due mid-November and am just concerned that I'll be 6-7 months pregnant...
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    Remicade and Ulcerative Colitis

    Had anyone been rated analogously for the use of remicade for their UC treatment? It looks like for other conditions (e.g. Skin conditions, asthma) it would be 60%, but it's not even listed for UC. I'm nervous that they will only rate me at 10% because my disease has been under control for...
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    Crohn's, Biologics, am I screwing myself?

    Any update?? I'm going through an MEB now and hoping that they rate remicade similar to the way they do for skin conditions or asthma.
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    COAD recommendation letter

    Could I please get a copy of the COAD examples? [email protected]
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    Crohn's, Biologics, am I screwing myself?

    Plus, like you, I'm always sick because of the Remicade...
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    Crohn's, Biologics, am I screwing myself?

    I was wondering about this...I'm currently undergoing a MEB for UC and am in remission. If they would have forced a MEB before I got on Remicade, then I would have definitely gotten at least 30%, but now I'm nervous I won't even get 10%. I was thinking that I would try to fight it using the...
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    MEB for Ulcerative Colitis; Possible COAD

    Here's my situation: I'm active Army since Jan 2005. I was diagnosed with UC in late 2006. Flared off and on but fairly well controlled until I went to OCS in 2008/2009 and then flared terribly. Went on Immuran and got under control. During BOLC they referred me to MMRB and I was retained in...
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