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    Waiting on second signature for profile

    Hello all, Im trying to figure out what to do or if there is anything i can do. I was put on a provisional permanent profile and am currently awaiting the second signature. We are drilling this weekend and the state surgeon is in but i havnt seen anything on the profile. I went in to inquire...
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    Getting Recommended for a MEB need advice.

    A little background on me. I have 11 years active and am a current AGR in the Guard. I was diagnosed in August for Eosinophilic Esophagitis and October for PTSD. Yesterday the state behavioral health officer informed me that at my Monday appointment at the VA i need my Psychologist to fill out...
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    Dont know what to do.

    I have been an AGR for 2 years in the guard and was active for 8 years before that. I deployed to OEF 09-10 and started having problems sleeping and with anger and other things since then. I was self medicating with alchohol for the last 5 or six years. in October i was diagnosed with PTSD and...
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