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  1. Sheryl Kitchen

    Estimate for Army Ratings

    Anyone can help me guesstimate what the Army might rate me as with the following unfit conditions. a. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome status post bilateral fasciotomy (MEB Dx 1) (V1-No; V3-No; V4-No) b. Plantar fasciitis bilateral (MEB Dx 2) (V1-No; V3-No; V4-No) c. L5-6 disk bulge...
  2. Sheryl Kitchen

    PEB Phase

    I submitted my NARSUM back to my PEBLO on the 25 July 2013. The IPEB is 15 days according to the IDES timeline, does this mean 15 business days or 15 days. As such when we get a document we have 5 days, and have to return no matter the weekend. Is it the same when documents are to be returned...
  3. Sheryl Kitchen


    My PEBLO e-mailed me yesterday and told me my NARSUM would be complete this week. Does that mean I will have my NARSUM by tomorrow sometime, also if I look at my e-benefits website it just says that my claim is under the review of evidence phase. I am not sure if I should be thinking reality...
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