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    PDA contact

    It took 7 days for mine to return... it want take more then 14 days
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    PDA contact

    Try any one of these numbers PEB PRESIDENT (703) 325-2587 PRESIDENT ADMIN (703) 325-2928 ADJUDICATION SECTION (703) 325-2969 (703) 325-2966 (703) 325-0762 ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION NCOIC (703) 325-2612 PEB ANALYST (703) 325-2577 IDES CASE...
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    PDA contact

    call this number 703-325-2579
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    What has been the average for orders?

    I"m speaking for the army. But the transition or retirement people give you the date you want to get out i know this because i just did it. I choose the date i wanted to get out
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    What has been the average for orders?

    There is no 90 day rule if you have leave you can use it up to 90 days and if you don't want to take any leave you could get out with in 2 weeks and sale your leave
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    case closed on ako now what?????? PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    It took 1 day after finding out it was close to get my orders
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    case closed on ako now what?????? PLEASE PLEASE HELP

    All you got to do is call transition or go up there and see if they received anything. If your retiring then all you got to do is call them and they will let you know.
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    Timeline/results are in...

    I would like if you can tell me when you get your orders back we are on the same timeline
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    Slow VA time....

    Are you retired or something? what branch you served in? If your waiting on VA then you need to call your congressman. My uncle been waiting since 2010
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    PDA Timeline?

    Do you have a different pda number then the one there website give you?
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    VA Quick Start Timeline

    call congress
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    Tripler IDES Timeline

    Mustang33 if i signed my 199 on the 9th of January how long you think it would be before i got my orders to clear.... I have a new born on the way at the end of the month and i'm trying to make sure everything is going to go well.
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    IDES timeline Redstone Arsenal

    Please let me know when you get your orders i'm on the same timeline as you i received my 199 today
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    Tripler IDES Timeline

    What is Seattle Va office number that you called?
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