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    Informal board review

    I signed my 618 for PTSD and MDD about 2 weeks ago and recently was told I have been diagnosed with schitzophrenia. They said they need to add this to my diagnosis, do any of you guys know how long this will add to the MEB process as I am terrified I'm going to have to stay in alot longer than...
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    Can your cnp doctor give you a different diagnosis

    I was diagnosed with MDD a couple months ago and am currently going through a MEB. I then went to my CNP exam and met with my doctor and he kept asking me if I feel euphoric and conditions that led me to believe I felt bipolar. I answered his questions and am now led to believe that I might be...
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    Yes you should, I'm going through a similar situation right now as well. The only thing you should be worried about is what your rating will be.
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