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    IDES, AF Retirement due to IDES Outcome, and VA Rating Questions

    Hi All. I was ADAF until 28 March, at which time I was retired (with 20yrs and 9mos TIS) due to IDES/IPEB unfit finding (30% DOD and 70% VA). I was notified of the unfit finding my by PEBLO in December (2018) and my retirement date was 28 Mar 19 (about two weeks ago). I logged into ebenefits...
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    Terminal Leave?

    Hi all. I'm really confused about terminal leave and was hoping someone could clarify it for me. I met with my Peblo today, signed for my ratings and filled out the form for my orders information (I'm ADAF in 20.5 yrs MEB'd for migraines on botox). I put 27 Mar 19 for the date of separation on...
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    AF Over 20 yrs, found unfit, DoD Rating Question

    Hello! I have a question about my DoD rating. I was just found unfit by the IPEB. ADAF with 20.5 years in service. My ratings, according to the paperwork I got today, are 30% DoD/70% VA. Unfit for migraines that require botox. I understand the DoD rating is only for the migraines, and my Peblo...
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    IPEB AF Unfit Finding?

    Hi all! I'm currently going through IPEB (pkg sent to AFPC 11/27 per Mypers email). Just curious, on C&P claim says complete and it says decision later has been sent from the VA via mail on 12/17. On ebennies the C&P claim is listed under historical (status completed) as well as open...
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    Waiver for local IPEB?

    Hi all! Just wondering has anyone had to sign a waiver to have their IPEB done at their base? I was asked for approval to have my board conducted here at the base I'm stationed at instead of at AFPC since I'm medical, and the MDG I'm assigned to will be reviewing my case. Pros, cons, thoughts...
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    MEB vs IRILO?

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could clarify the difference between an MEB and an IRILO? The DAWG at my base met in May and discussed my case, then I received a phone call from my PCM stating I was being forwarded for an MEB. My 469 then changed from a code 31 to a code 37 and now states at...
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    MEB Timeline?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and to the MEB world. I'm ADAF w/20 yrs in next month. I've been seeing neurology for chronic tension and migraine headaches since 2000, and I've been on botox for migraines since 2006. When asked about my deployability status it came up that I see neuro every two...
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