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  1. usafkelly5218

    ANG MEB/SEP Process

    i am a ANG member and I have just hit my 3 year mark. I injured my knee in basic training in nov 2012 and I have an LOD for that. I had a scope done in July 2013 while I was still on training orders. I am married to an active duty Air Force member and moved to OK, my guard unit is in OR, in sep...
  2. usafkelly5218

    MEB/Separation Process

    I have been in the Air National Guard for coming up on 3 years now and I got injured in basic training. I tore my meniscus and have since torn it 2 more times. I have an LOD for the first tear since it was on duty and got a rating through the VA at 10%. I had a 2 surgeries on the knee in 2013...
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