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    Delaware unemployment

    I just received my denial for unemployment benefits. They stated that the severance pay precludes opportunity for unemployment. Does anyone have any guidance on this? Does it matter that I have to pay that money back with VA money? I thought unemployment was automatic. Tim
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    Condition incurred in a combat zone

    Good morning, I have a complex question. I was discharged w/10 percent severance pay for a herniated disc. The IFEB also reviewed sleep apnea w/CPAP, but did not rate that. Last week, I went for my VA physical. The doctor hurried me through and asked questions about my back and sleep issues...
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    PTDY request

    My Commander turned down my PTDY request, without warrant. She highlighted AFI 36-3003, Commanders cannot authorize terminal leave to "for cause" separatees required to separate at the earliest possible date... Can she do that? Do I have any recourse? In addition, the PEBLO initially told me...
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    Important question about child support

    Good evening, I have exes that take me to court every chance they get to get more child support. Can disability severance pay be used as income in the child support calculation. I don't see how it should, because it is more of a disability income, rather than disposable income. I can't work...
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    Confused about severance pay

    I was told that the number of years used to calculate severance pay have been raised to a maximum of 19, rather than 12. In addition, I read on this site that when the VA substantiates my disability, I will get the withheld taxes back, but the article included below, says only for combat...
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    Divorce and severance pay

    I am going through the property division portion of my divorce, right now. Does anyone know how medical severance pay equates into the process? An attorney told me if I retired with 60% disability, my ex-wife wouldn't get any of the money, because it is considered non-disposable income. I am...
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    Got my results yesterday!

    Well, Yesterday I received my results. 10% disability and severance pay. I signed on the spot and I was happy with the result. I am hoping to receive 60% from the VA. I would like to thank everyone for their help. This site truly helped me through this process! Now, I will have to figure...
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    Med board video

    My 1st Sergeant loaned me a video that explains the med board process. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the video, due to a recent move. Can anyone tell me how to obtain a copy? I really need to replace it. Thanks, Tim
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    Air Force IPEB results timelines

    I haven't heard any recent updates for how long processing of IPEB's is taking. If you have recently received results or had to wait an inordinate amount of time since your package was sent of base, your inputs are greatly appreciated.
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    ROM results, inputs?

    Here are my range of motion averages: Flexion: 71, pain~ Extension: 14, pain~ Left Lateral Flexion: 10, mechanical~ Right Lateral Flexion: 11, mechanical~ Left rotation: 26, mechanical~ Right Rotation: 26, mechanical~ Please, let me know how this looks. I have no idea what the ranges are...
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    Contacting IPEB

    What is the phone number for the IPEB? In addition, would it be a bad idea to contact the board for status? I know that we are supposed to contact our PEBLO and than they contact the board, but in most military cases, the more you bug people, the sooner things get done... My IPEB was sent out...
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    VA Rehabilitation program

    :confused:Does anyone know how the new GI Bill will be incorporated into the VA rehabilitation program? If veterans without disability will be receiving E-5 housing allowance, will disabled veterans get both the stipend and the housing allowance? If not, the new GI Bill would be more...
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