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    Going into Legacy or starting over in IDES

    Question- I have made it through the IDES process through the formal board and have a percentage that I am currently getting paid from the VA (I’m in the Guard). The formal board then added a new condition that was recently added to my initial LOD( it was missed during the first go through). I’m...
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    Question about LOD happening while going through IBEB

    While performing annual training this year, I experienced another injury and I'm currently working to have it written into my medical record. The Civilian Doc that I went too seemed to think that it could be related to my original LOD injury that started the medboard. I'm currently waiting on...
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    ANG question regarding Incap pay

    I have been approved for incap pay to cover myself due to a lod that happened on annual training this year. After many fights with tricare I have my surgery scheduled and the pay to start at the same time. The main question that I am having is that my cilv.job is having a fit because my unit...
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