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  1. klamsnacks

    PT & MEB status- Administrative and Personnel Action Permament Excemption for failure to take the FA

    Additional thoughts on your take of this matter TSgt Twitch - your CC can indeed jump the levels of NJP if you've failed previously but never been formally given any punishments prior. When I failed my 1,2, and 3rd tests - I received NOTHING, except verbal counselling from my then supervisor who...
  2. klamsnacks

    PT & MEB status- Administrative and Personnel Action Permament Excemption for failure to take the FA

    TSgt Twitch is right - the AFI's are NOT in the injured Airman's interests. As someone who also went through this - the Commanding officer can do whatever they want as it is also stated in i think the same AFI - CC's are the only one's that can exempt your test scores as well. Using Commanders...
  3. klamsnacks

    Any other Civil Servants out there? 1st SSDI claim denied

    Well my SSDI case was denied first time and second. I did NOT however hire a lawyer as the 2 I spoke with on this matter, one was out of state and couldn't make it the other said he didn't think my case could be won because I was already doing work - of which was sedintary in nature already so I...
  4. klamsnacks

    Who can help me now!?!?

    I am curious - you are tired of seeing soldiers with More conditions finishing up faster? Why? Because you're more Hurt than them? with your less conditions? - I'm not starting any flame war that just seems like an oxymoron - I wouldn't have suggested the Congressional - and you can look up my...
  5. klamsnacks

    surgery during ides

    I would say not particularly right - although prohibited - it should be done and recoup done (convo leave) before the NARSUM is signed and forwarded to the local MEB. BUT once your in IDES that doesn't change it. I was put into IDES around April-May 2011, upon surgery being scheduled for August...
  6. klamsnacks

    SSDI, should I start off with a lawyer?

    I just had my hearing for my 3rd time's a charm in front of the judge (by way of Video Teleconferencing mind you) on Monday the 4th. For SSDI - I've fought em twice with it not being done correctly under the wounded warrior program but - I digress - it was me, her honor, the states very own...
  7. klamsnacks

    Two links on Wounded Warriors and SSDI

    Getting a page doesn't exist already!
  8. klamsnacks

    Well Well Well, an Ebennies update that I actually expected

    Today I was giving my homeowner, real estate guy, and the bank person an update, I came here to this site and replied to someone, and decided upon leaving I'd go check my ebenefits - just for shits and giggles, cause I'm expecting it to change as I had to send them my DD-214 and now anyday it...
  9. klamsnacks

    Sudden stop of Incap Pay...Fit for (light) Duty???

    Get a Laywer, seriously - or if you have counsel there on post somewhere - go show them what you can find and tell them hey "everyone" else is quoting this or that but no one know's what this source of the new rule or law is. So based on your facts and what the rules you quoted are - I think...
  10. klamsnacks

    Need URGENT help ASAP!!

    WWJD - sorry for your situation, How does his personal Chain of Command work, can he get a meeting with his commander. I'd have him go see ADC on base or call one stateside (yeah I know timezone differences can be an issue but may have to make it happen sometimes..I was in Japan for 3 years)...
  11. klamsnacks


    Is this not the key argument breaker for the question at hand? ...Commissioned officers who were formerly enlisted, who retire with less than 10 years of commissioned service and less than 30 years of total service, will use only enlisted basic pay in the calculation of their highest 36 months...
  12. klamsnacks

    DoD Recovering Warrior Task Force Panel

    I couldn't have said it any better - Thanks ranger - and everyone else that is still around since I signed up anyways. And all you newcomers that are still on the fence about posting, be it you've found your answer and just waiting or if you're scared to post out of fear of reprisal someway...
  13. klamsnacks

    Grr @ Ebennies....

    Same here - Out 29 October 12 - 40 DoD retirement and proposed 70% VA - but still awaiting VA finalization - (2 Year timeframe now) Process sent me my proposed ratings on 5 May - I didn't receive until about 30 days later. Either Way, mine was supposedly held up by not having my DD-214 yet and...
  14. klamsnacks

    Mental Evaluation/Shaw AFB

    Deno, I hope all is well. Know this - the PEBLO(s) at Shaw, are very good at their jobs actually - and are new (well new is relative I suppose to me) as the previous ones were fired a little over a year ago - I was in the system there at Shaw for 2 years, and mental health is another facility...
  15. klamsnacks

    Question about transition.

    Not at all - that's what we are all here for, to help anyway possible! Yeah me and my CC were tight (Sarcasim)!! -Scott
  16. klamsnacks

    Question about transition.

    the Secretary of the Air Force did just grant my retirement - my CoC, more specifically my CC - decided he didn't like that decision and asked the Secretary's office to reconsider, which in the mean time he continued to punish me and they even said at one point why is this still occuring, we...
  17. klamsnacks

    Question about transition.

    jdjohnson - I was in very similar situation - for Air Force - the PT failures and the PEB being finished now the case goes up to the secretary of service to make final determination - (air force policy anyways). From this point they can either agree or disagree based on evidence - the evidence...
  18. klamsnacks

    YetAnother Admin Action/ MEB Question

    Sorry to hear that Jazz - just document it and fight it the best you can - I'm out now and waiting on the VA to finish up my stuff - I've been finished so to speak since May 2012 - but out of military retired as of October 29th 2012 - Let us know if you need anything! -Scott
  19. klamsnacks

    VA Decisions STILL PENDING...

    Thanks everyone - Yeah pittman - I was told that by someone else as well. I have NOT filed for UI yet through the VA.
  20. klamsnacks

    VA Decisions STILL PENDING...

    Thanks NWLivewire - yeah it's just a headache right now! Needed some venting ...yet again!
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