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    AGR out process?'s

    Any AGR Air Guard folks that are waiting, and or got Med retired/seperation Orders, possibly before they are allowed to start terminal? If so, how did you end up getting your orders/dd214? My command doesnt believe I'm leaving. PEBLO said she let our commander know I'm unfit and said I will...
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    Maya Post .....10% DOD 90% VA Disability Severance ?

    I received my ratings yesterday. FACTS: 18.6 Years AGR (like active duty but for Guard, AF) base pay $4797 or the flat rate of what $4350. 22 Years Military Ratings: 10% DOD 90%VA I'm accepting my ratings Thursday. I am so confused on what the pay out will be? NOT combat Related but YES in...
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    Air National Guard AGR

    Hi, I'm new just got code 37 over Drill. Anyone out there AGR in Air Guard?
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