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  1. Jlohrke

    Severance recoup payments duplicated

    I am at a loss here of what to do or who to talk to. I was initially rated in 03 and began paying a severance pay back and I received a letter March of 2010 and in April 2010 I began receiving my full monthly compensation. In September 2011, a claim had been approved for asthma and my rating was...
  2. Jlohrke

    Asthma changed to a service connected disability

    I have had this question lurking within me for over a week now and I have tried analyzing and applying what I know and have learned. In 2001, I was diagnosed in the Army for asthma. 6 months later I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and subsequently was MEB'd for fibromyalgia. My MEB notes a...
  3. Jlohrke

    Found VA rating issue during application process for PDBR

    Ok, I have an issue with my application for PDBR. I had to revise my application due to an error by my DAV Rep's office. Along with it, I had worked up a brief on as to why my severance pay discharge was inaccurate. At the same time, I found a huge error in my original VA rating for...
  4. Jlohrke

    Ex-husband with major spine issues

    Ok...I will start out by telling a brief history of his spinal issues. While he was in the service 13F in 1996, he was having serious issues with upper spin/neck. Each time he went to his medic to request to go to the TMC they denied him and just kept giving him a temp profle with motrin or...
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