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    Commander's letter feedback/next steps

    Good morning all, I've mentioned this before in a previous post and would like to bring it up again, now that I have the letter in hand and waiting for my signature. I was referred for possible MEB by the DAWG late last year for mental health and associated medication. For some background, I'm...
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    My MH Timeline

    Good morning. I was referred to the DAWG last fall due to a certain medication (Lamictal/lamotrigine, anti-convulsant and mood stabilizer) for mental health reasons. I wish to be found unfit, due to worsening mental and physical conditions, but was only referred for MH. Didn't want to jinx it...
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    Help - Disagreement w/ Commander's Impact Statement

    Good morning, and thanks to whoever reads. Air Force here. I was just informed that my unit commander, after asking me to draft my CC impact letter, intends to disagree with what I wrote and revise it to recommend a "retain" determination. I did meet with him some weeks ago and informed him of...
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    MH MEB, Add physical conditions?

    Firstly, I've been lurking this forum for five or six months and have learned a wealth of information, so thanks to everyone, especially the mods, for helping out. Last October, I was referred to the DAWG for potential MEB due to taking medicine deemed incompatible with military service...
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