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  1. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    I was denied for the caregiver program. The reason “the va hasn’t seen me in a year”. That SHOULD NOT be a reason. I freaking hate the va and my blood pressure rises just going there. I’m not going to go to the va for stupid appointments just so they can see how f$&$$$ up I am. They already...
  2. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    Yeah. Hopefully I win the lottery with those numbers and all will be good. Lol
  3. Beergod0352

    Best States for Disabled Veterans

    There’s space A travel in Florida too. Just came back from a hop.
  4. Beergod0352

    USMC Migraines Unfit for Duty

    Nobody’s unfit for duty in the Corps for migraines. That’s what 800mg of Motrin is for.
  5. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    Are those my pick 4 lottery numbers?
  6. Beergod0352

    Working during MEB

    Yeah. It is what it is. The med board people will always be known as broke d&cks that have something wrong with them and are probably getting the boot. Usually it’s one or two people that ruin it for the rest and make a bad name on the med board process. For example. We had a guy get Boarded...
  7. Beergod0352

    Filling SSDI

    I was approved Nov 2017. I went with 888 “will always remember that number” pages of my military medical records in my backpack. And they didn’t even look at them. Mine is for mental health “100% PTSD”. I met with the social security person for my exam or whatever you call it and it was really...
  8. Beergod0352

    Working during MEB

    Yup... 18 1/2 years and they dump me on mid shift knowing darn well my appointments are during the daylight hours. Regardless you’re STILL receiving a paycheck. You’ll be used until they don’t need you anymore. Keep in mind that you know your getting out. Use your time at work and print off...
  9. Beergod0352

    Medicare worth it?

    You don’t have a choice. I have tricare, Va, and the Medicare I don’t ever use and pay for. SSDI will mail you your Medicare cards and deduct if from your pay I believe 1 year after you start receiving payments. Don’t quote me on that I can’t remember exactly when they started it. But it...
  10. Beergod0352

    Filling SSDI

    I’m 38 years old. I applied online. Received that packet in the mail filled it out and mailed it in. About 4 weeks later received a letter for my SSDI appointment at the social security office where they do it “rochester Ny”. I brought all my medical records in my back pack and they didn’t...
  11. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    Federally protected info? What are you talking about. I’ve said nothing that someone can’t “google”
  12. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    Roger that. Thanks for the reply. I live in Florida. Last duty station was Nj
  13. Beergod0352

    MEB Eligibility

    Yeah. I was on 400mg. Funny part is. After is was med boarded and booted out the VA took me off Serequel .
  14. Beergod0352

    TBI C&P question

    Just what you were boarded for.
  15. Beergod0352

    Got word back from AFPC, what next

    Just talked to my AD buddy Wright Patt. He’s medical his whole career and a SMSgt. It’s clearly a hippa violation and couldn’t believe that a supervisor would get or how they got any info like that.
  16. Beergod0352

    Can you always say no to the treatments offered by the military doctors, especially surgery?

    Lol remember folks. Don’t swear in here. Some military folk might get upset. This is the kinder gentler military these days
  17. Beergod0352

    CRSC application

    Cool. That may help. I didn’t know the DOD did that, and not the AF. I have all the info from AFW2 to complete the application process
  18. Beergod0352

    How do you survive?

    M Mine says “yes” in the letter. In the disability breakdown it just shows different ailments and the percentage. Where would it say IU on ebennies?
  19. Beergod0352

    Air Force Personnel Board Timeline

    Yeah. Had a few 15’s in my time. My grade determination said TSgt. My retired id says SSgt. My retirement certificate mailed to me by AFPC says TSgt . I ended up doing E4,5,6 twice man. But when your out NO ONE CARES. Lol. They only do 30 packages at a time” don’t quote me on that” call...
  20. Beergod0352

    CRSC application

    How can the Air Force pay me for something that happened from before I was even in the AF? Please enlighten me. I’m wondering if ANYONE is even in my shoes? Probably ZERO in this entire forum. I joined the AF 6 days after I got out of the USMC.
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