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  1. mxdmess

    Severance instead of retirement?

    Just wondering if I can choose to get a lump sum severance payment instead of retirement if my percentage is 30% or greater? A lot pf people I have talked to have said severance is always my calculations $115,000 would do me a lot more good than an offset check every...
  2. mxdmess

    MEB/PEB Findings

    My MEB packet went to Fort Sam Houston for the PEB process last week and I was wondering are the MEB doctors recommendations usually followed? My doctors here are recommending permanent retirement and stated my condition will not get better in 5 years and if I stay in will only deteriorate, what...
  3. mxdmess

    My Army MEB Timeline

    17 Mar 11- Notified of MEB start 5 Apr 11-Phase 1 and 2 physicals 16 May 11- Received NARSUM's for review- both doctors recommending permanent retirement 19 May 11- returned packet with clerical corrections 20 May 11- Signed and packet forwarded to Ft Sam Houston More to follow....
  4. mxdmess

    Pushed to the end of the line

    I am an AD E-6 currently stationed on a TRADOC post, I have been waiting since December for my MEB to start and was told yesterday that all the trainees needing to be seen by the MEB doctor would be seen first and I would have to wait until the end of April for my first visit and for the process...
  5. mxdmess

    Intro and help request

    First this forum has given me so much more information than i would have even thought to ask for so thank you all. Here is my situation: AD E-6 with 16 years total service half Reserve. I came onto active duty with a P2 profile no waiver required, since coming on AD and deploying again my...
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