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    Rebuttal Response

    I am currently awaiting the IPEB's findings currently; however, after I received my C&P results back, I requested an IMR. The doctor that reviewed my case sided with me and said Fibromyalgia should have been added to the MEB conditions. My PEBLO just sent me an email with a response from the...
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    PTSD and TBI

    Hey everyone, I appreciate all the information on this forum and advice. It has really helped me move thru my MEB with some idea of what to expect. I completed my C&Ps and am curious how the VA combines PTSD and TBI. The doc said I had mild TBI as his final statement on the C&P and my PTSD...
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    Air National Guard Timelines

    Quick question for the folks here. How long did your package stay at NGB? My package was sent up beginning of last month to NGB; however, my PEBLO says that it is still being evaluated?!? Just curious to see what the normal time line is like.
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    PTSD/Fibro IRLO

    Hello all, my first post here, but I have been reading and responding to a few posts since the topic of a MEB was brought up by my provider. I was diagnosed with PTSD and Fibromyalgia in 2017 (tried to avoid going to Dr., but wife finally made me realize I needed help). I was recently referred...
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