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    My Timeline

    Initial injury 06/01/07 via IED blast MEB initiated 03/22/10 VA physical completed 08/11/10 NARSUM dictated 10/07/10 Forwarded to PEB 10/13/10 Received at PEB 10/18/10 Unfit Finding 11/05/10 Va Rating 02/25/11 Signed today. 60% PDRL. I got 30% for my TKR, 20% anxiety, 10% back. Requested COAD.
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    US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood

    US Army DES Pilot at Fort Hood: Updated 1/06/2011 I'm AD- OIF combat related also. I am at two and a half months since my packet arrived at the VA for my ratings (sent to the VA on 18 Nov) I called them last week and the VA told me that they were ready to make a decision and I should be...
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    Under the new polit program

    My packet was sent to the PEB at Walter Reed on Oct 18th. It took exactly 18 working days for my unfit finding. It's been at the VA since mid- November. Still no answer. Playing the waiting game. I heard they are so backlogged it could take up to another two months for my rating. It's already...
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