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    When can I expect orders

    So I accepted my ratings last Friday the 16th, just wondering how long I will be waiting on orders....anyone?
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    My timeline in Florida

    So I'm jumping a little ahead with my timeline because narsum, meb process took a little while; that said here is my timeline from IPEB til now: 8 May 17 package received by IPEB 15 May 17 VA received packet from IPEB for rating determination unfit letter included 19 May 17 Ebenefits says...
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    IPEB mypers movement

    I got a notification on the 4th of may that my case was received at the pen, then on the 12th it was referred to the VA DRAS...does this mean I am found unfit and they are preparing to review my va package? It seems pretty quick to move to VA..yesterday my ebenefits update from gathering...
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    IPEB vs ETS

    Hi all, my ETS is in 2 sept 17, just found out my MEB just went to the IPEB on this past Wednesday the 3rd of u think I will be hosed because of my ETS coming up and they will find me fit in order to send me on my way? My narsum, cc letter, and medical records point to me not doing my...
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