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    How hard is it for people to just do their jobs?

    Beyond aggravated right now with PSD and my VA Rep. So I'm told by my VSO to send my DD-214 as soon as I get it and he'll upload everything. A week goes by and nothing is uploaded so I did it myself. After this, I called DFAS to verify everything is good and apparently PSD sent them a bunch of...
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    Recieved my Ratings. Have a few questions.

    So, I came into work this morning to see my findings were in my inbox. I have some questions. Findings are: 30% DOD and 100% VA along with TDRL ( I have 20 Years and 1 month of Active Service). However on my PEB Finding paperwork it states I only have 19 Years and 3 Months Length of Service...
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    Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (Mild) during MEB

    This may seem like the opposite of what others are trying to accomplish, but I was diagnosed with this while I've been going through the MEB process. The VA requested an addendum because of my Fibro diagnosis and scheduled me a visit to see a Navy employed Shrink. I was forced to see a civilian...
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    NARSUM Questions

    So I received my NARSUM this morning and I'll be requesting an IMR as well as providing a statement to go along with it. I also just found out this morning that my disability attorney was activated apparently and will be gone for a year. So now I have to jump through hoops to try and get in...
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    Adding Sleep Apnea (w/ CPAP use) after C&P Exams

    Here's the situation. I did a sleep study 1 year ago which was just below the required AHI number to be diagnosed officially with Sleep Apnea and was diagnosed with UARS instead. I was still having issues sleeping while waking up exhausted daily so I went back to the sleep doc and she wanted to...
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    C&P Exams Takeaway

    I completed my exams this morning. Not all of my issues were claimed because I was waiting on my civilian PCM notes and sleep study results so I'm sure there will be some added. Anyhow, let me start out by saying they purposely spread out certain tests. For example. For the Fibromyalgia tender...
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    EAOS Dilemna

    I've searched and read multiple threads on this but I haven't found any concrete answer. Currently I'm early in the MEB stage and my EAOS right now is June 3rd, 2017. Who do I engage to ensure this doesn't expire? Is this handled at PSD? I also seen where if you're not at the PEB stage or have...
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    19 years 2 months refered to IDES

    Initial problem was for right hip arthroscopic surgery for torn labrum and ligamentus teres which is what the LIMDU was for. - 1st LIMDU 1/2015 -7/2016 - 2nd LIMDU 7/2016-1/2017 - Cleared from my LIMDU because the hip healed up fine. -Signed IDES referal 3/2017 after failing Overseas Screening...
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    Newly Refered into IDES. Left confused.

    So i failed my overseas screening and signed the form to be entered into IDES. I asked what to expect next and asked about the MEB and was told that was the MEB?!?! I asked about appeals, and he said he wasnt sure and is new to the IDES process. Can someone clarify what the hell is going on?
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    Requesting guidance.

    I'll try to keep this as short as I can. I was just cleared from my LIMDU for having left hip arthroscopic surgery for a torn Labrum and Ligamentus teres 2 months ago. I had passed my rotation date so now I've been given orders and have to complete an overseas screening. I've been seeing a...
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    First LIMDU. Timeline

    Well I'm completely new to all off this and have been reading on the subject here for quite a while and wanted to finally post now that it's official. I currently have 18 years and 1 month till retirement which is what worries me the most. Started having right hip pain after long runs about a...
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